Unmasking The Front-Runners ─ NRL Favorites For The 2024 Season

The Penrith Panthers won the NRL championship last year. They beat Parramatta Eels 28-12 in the final. The interesting fact is that they are the main favorites to win the 2024 title. They are followed by Sydney Roosters and the Melbourne Storm. However, there are more than ten rounds to be played, and the top of the ladder is quite tight.

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Before you decide to place your bets on any team, it is crucial to pay attention to different factors. First of all, check out the condition of players, how teams perform when playing away, and many other details. Here are the main favorites to win the 2024 title.

Penrith Panthers

Source: penrithpanthers.com.au

They are trying to get the back-to-back title and are considered one of the best teams in the league for a longer time. It is not a surprise considering that this team has some of the best players, especially Jarome Luai and Nathan Cleary.

The second one is recognized as the best halfback in the world. Also, we have to mention that this player is in perfect shape and condition and represents a huge value since he is only 23 at the moment.

We can see similar stats when it comes to Jarome, who is also young, and also very fast. The strong and aggressive attacking style is fulfilled with Viliame Kikau and Fisher-Harris. Setting different tactics and formations against different teams is common for them, and Panthers can be more relaxed when they have one of the best coaches leading them, which is Ivan Cleary.

Current odds provided by many bookies are stating that there is a huge chance for them to defend the title.

Melbourne Storm

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It is common to see this team at the top. They are one of the best even though they are quite young, formed in 1998. They managed to win the title 4 times and end in second place also four times. The leaders in the current squad are Jahrome Hughes and Cameron Munster. Both of these players are in perfect shape and in their prime years.

We also have to mention that they currently share the same amount of points with the first team on the ladder. There are 11 more games to be played by the end, and many things are possible. It is crucial for this team to keep their pace and not lose to clubs in lower positions.

Sydney Roosters

Source: wwos.nine.com.au

This is one of the teams with a huge fanbase, which is not a surprise considering their rich history of longer than 100 years. They are almost always at the top, and winning the title is not strange to them since they managed to do that 15 times. Also, they end as runner-ups 15 times as well. When it comes to the squad, they rely on a strong defensive formation led by Tedesco and Luke Keary.

Also, switching to an attacking style is one of the main advantages for them, and that is not difficult when you have players like Angus Crichton and Jared Waerea-Hargreaves. This team is currently in the 3rd spot, but the difference in points is quite small. In that matter, we will have a very exciting championship in the next 11 rounds.

Other Teams That Could Surprise

There are some other potential favorites. Even though the first three that we mentioned represents the main favorites, don’t forget that surprises are always possible in sport. Therefore, Sharks, Rabbitohs, and Warriors might manage to turn the whole ladder around by the end. The same goes for the Raiders and Sea Eagles.

As we mentioned before, it is all about different factors and details that could make a difference. It is crucial to keep the team motivated all the time, and key players healthy and in great condition. Also, different styles and formations could make a huge impact as well.

Betting on NRL

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If you are interested in testing your luck in this league, the first thing to do is to choose a reliable betting platform. Also, pay attention to the different odds available. The current ones for winners are much lower for the first three teams, which is not a surprise. However, even if bet now on some of the clear favorites, you will win at least 3 times the money you invest.

Furthermore, there are other types of bets that you can choose for each game week. All of the first six teams are now very tight in points, and we expect that they are highly motivated to win all games by the end. That is especially related to those matches against teams in lower positions.

Therefore, when some of them are playing against Dragons or Bulldogs, you will get a lower odd for the favorite, but also a high chance of winning. On the other side, don’t forget that teams in the lowest positions will always try their best to improve that.

Another option is to play on points or individual performance. This can also be a great way to win more often. For example, making a prediction between two first teams can be difficult. However, choosing a plus on the margin of scoring for the best player on both sides can be a good solution.

The Bottom Line

It is very exciting when there is a tight point difference at the top of the ladder since that will make the league more interesting to the end. Nothing is clear yet, and we have over 10 more rounds to see who will manage to keep the right form and win the title. According to current stats, chances are very low for any team under the third position to threaten the Roosters, Storm, and Panthers.