Wilson X Connected Basketball Review

Technology is constantly changing and evolving. The field of basketball is certainly not left behind in this one. It too has experienced the uptake of technology which has gone a long way in revolutionizing the way the balls play and score the games.

The manufacturers of Wilson X Connected Basketball understands this fact only too well. That is why they have manufactured a basketball that is equipped with the latest technology. This one comprises a sensor that is embedded in the ball. It is, in turn, operable via an app that runs on both Android and iPhone devices.

Features at a Glance

  • Two-size availability (official and intermediate)
  • Requires no extra attachments
  • Small sensor
  • Wilson app
  •  Four game modes
Wilson X Connected Basketball Review

Outstanding Features And Benefits

Multiple Sizes

Unlike other kinds of smart balls, this one is available in two main sizes. These are the official size which measures 29.5 inches in diameter and the intermediate size which measures 28.5 inches respectively. You have the freedom to select the size which appeals to your unique needs at any time.

Generally speaking, you will need the official size for those tournaments which are highly competitive in nature. The intermediate size will, however, come in when practicing or upping your basketball skills. Regardless of the one you choose, you are certain to enjoy the best outcomes possible.

Small Sensor

Each ball contains a small sensor is embedded in each ball. The sensor plays the role of tracking the shots and the movements of the ball. With this sensor, it is possible for you to track the shooting and performance statistics in real-time.

Examples of these parameters are the shots taken, shots made, two-pointers, and the free throws. By relying on this sensor, it is also possible for you to vary your shots appropriately and get to master the pace of the game well. You hence get to control the ball well.

Versatile App

You will also enjoy the support of the versatile Wilson app. Unlike other apps, this one runs smoothly on the Android and the iPhone devices alike. You hence have the freedom to select the kind of gadget you would want to lay your hands on at any given time.

The app is also easier to engage as it gives you some smooth and free controls. Even if you have never attempted to make use of an app of this kind, you will find it easier to get started on.

Variable Game Modes

With this basketball, you will enjoy some variable game modes. These are the Buzz Beater, Free Range, Game Time, and the Free Throw. The games give you some freedom to play in the exact form and manner you so wish or desire.

Using these ranges, it is possible for you to also carry out some maneuvers. Examples of these are shooting anywhere from the court, undertaking any kind of maneuver or varying the speeds of the shots appropriately. Simply put: it enhances your own experiences on the whole.

Bluetooth Sensor Technology

Rounding up the list of its top-notch features is the cutting-edge Bluetooth sensor technology. Courtesy of this technology, the ball is able to pair and communicate with many other like-minded devices and pitch apparatus. It hence adds to your own versatility and game enjoyment.

Being wireless, the Bluetooth technology eliminates all clutter and spares you from the risks of getting entangled as you play your game of basketball. This goes a long way to make your own use and experience awesome indeed. You just cannot afford to overlook it at all.

What We Like

  • Requires no cord for charging
  • Manages 100,000 shots per annum
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor plays
  • Gives you room to choose the size that suits you
  • Usable via the iPhone and Android devices alike

What We Don’t Like

  • Cannot measure shots that are fired within 7 feet from the hoop
  • Requires that the ball hits the ground all the time
  • Its sensor lacks the ability to track the progress of the entire team

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I require any expertise to operate this basketball?

YES, you do! Other than dribbling the basketball the ‘normal’ way, you also have to know how to operate the app and determine how it impacts the ball as a whole. This may require that you invest some of your time to learn the workings first and foremost.

What are the various repair and maintenance requirements?

Over and above the normal cleaning and maintenance practices, you also have to charge the ball and tune the sensor. These two require the intervention of an expert electrician. They are roles that are ordinarily beyond the scope of a simple user or player of basketball.

Final Words

You need no further convincing that this ball indeed is a good one to try out. It has the impact of lessening your hassles by automating many of the tasks which you would otherwise have to engage in manually. It is hence in your nest interest to acquire and incorporate it in your use.

Though suitable for both professional and regular practices, this ball is mainly good for practicing. It has that uncanny ability to upping your operational skills and expenses given its relatively simpler and easier to comprehend nature.