Adidas Dame 4 Performance Review

Adidas released the Dame 4 shoe in February 2018. This shoe is inspired by Damian Lillard. Damian Lillard has played for the Portland Trail Blazers since he was picked in the first round of the 2012 draft.

In 2012 he signed a contract with Adidas and since then they have been making basketball shoes inspired by his style. Now every basketball player can feel like a champion when they wear Damian Lillard inspired shoes.

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Adidas Dame 4 Overview

Cushion and Traction

Dame 4’s performance comes from the enhanced cushion and traction. The cushion of the shoe uses Bounce cushion which absorbs the shock of the court while giving the player more flexibility and comfort to move freely and quickly in whatever position is necessary. The rubber outsole has a traction pattern that is said to be inspired by the movement of time.

The rubber sole is designed with a wavy tread that allows the player to better get into a flow state when they are on the court. This means the sole will help them have better traction and less slipping while they are changing directions. This is important for the quick pivots and turns needed on the court.


The Dame 4 is said to be true to size for players with wide feet, but is recommended that players with a more narrow or regular foot go down a half size. The lacing on this shoe is all new and allows the player to customize the shoe’s fit.

The fit is a mid top, lace-up, lockdown and is made of a lightweight material that allows for comfort, flexibility, and allows the shoe to breathe so the player doesn’t get overheated. It also features a neoprene compression ankle collar to give the player the ankle support they need while not being too restrictive and still allowing for great mobility when needed.


The Dame 4 comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from. These color combinations include: black on scarlet on black; black and red; core black, cloud white, and core black ‘Static’; core black, cloud white, and grey; core black, footwear white/grey five ‘tribal print’; cloud white, crystal white-core black ‘stats’; cloud white, grey, and scarlet; grey, core black, grey; onix, cloud white, and onix; scarlet, high-resolution red-black ‘red gum’; white, black, and red; white, white, and white; and a glow in the dark edition inspired by Lillard’s love for skating. This shoe has a color combination that everyone will love.

Attention to Detail

Each detail of this shoe is significant right down to the message on the heel: “YKWTII (You Know What Time It Is)” and the teeth-like groove in the Bounce midsole supposed to represent the audio files Lillard produces with his rap music in the studio.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Excellent Arch Support

Customers who have worn these Dame 4s claim that the shoe provides them excellent support. The sole provides good arch support and comfort. Even customers with flat feet report that there is enough arch support for them to wear these comfortably without needing to add additional support.

Solid Traction

These shoes have a unique rubber outsole design unique to the Dame line. The traction pattern resembles the passing of time, and the soft rubber allows it to respond to the changing positions on the court as the wearer does. The rubber grips onto the court so the player always feels secure on their feet without slipping or sliding, even when dust is present.

Comfortable to Wear All Day Long

These stylish shoes are not only designed to be worn on the court. While they are made to provide the best comfort on the court with plenty of cushion, traction, and support, these shoes can be worn all day. Many wearers reported comfort in wearing these shoes all day long. They not only look good and fit any style, but they provide all day comfort and support while still breathing and never making the wearer overheat.

Good Bounce and Shock Absorption

The Dame 4 features the Bounce cushion in the sole that gives the player increased cushion while also giving the bounce they need for those jump shots. The Bounce cushion has great shock absorption which players report allowing them to have longer playing time because they take longer to get worn out.

Sturdy Materials

The Dame 4 is made of only the best materials. The mesh on the top allows the foot to breathe while still being sturdy enough to be long lasting. The rubber outsole is made of soft yet sturdy rubber that allows the outsole to grip the court or the ground. The unique ankle collar is made of neoprene which allows it to stay in place all day long without stretching out or breaking down after many slip ons.

Sure-Footed Feel

Customers also report a wider base which gives the user more steady and sure footing on the court which allows them to plant and pivot rapidly and comfortably.

One of the most loved pieces of the Dame 4 is the compression ankle collar. This compression collar is made from a neoprene band which allows it to stay in place, while giving the player solid support where it is necessary. Also, since it is a more pliable material, it allows the player to have the movement they need around the court. It also won’t break down like other backs of shoes that are constantly slipped on and off.

Hard to Put on at First

Some users report that the Dame 4s can be hard to put on at first. It is a tighter fitting shoe because of the neoprene supportive ankle collar, but it makes it hard to put on at first. Some users also experience trouble with tightening the laces at first. It takes a while to get used to. In addition, the lace loops have the potential to break easily. Besides Dame 4 check our Adidas Harden Vol 3 Review.

Not Ideal for Street Courts

The softer outsole, great for gripping the court, is reported that it might not be suitable for street use. It will work fine on street courts, but has the potential to break down faster.

Fit is Half a Size Down

Some wearers report frustration because the shoe runs half a size too long for those with either average or narrow feet.


  • Good arch support
  • Comfortable
  • Great level of traction


  • Can be tricky to put on
  • The shoe runs half a size too large for those with either average or narrow feet

The Good

  • Good arch support and comfort.
  • Superior traction.
  • These shoes look good and are comfortable to be worn all day long. This shoe provides enough air circulation to prevent overheating.
  • The Bounce cushion provides great bounce for jump shots and good shock absorption.
  • Made of quality materials, which makes these shoes last a long time.
  • Wider base provides steady and sure-footed feel.
  • Compression collar provides solid support.

Things to Consider

  • Can be hard to put on and tighten the laces at first.
  • Not ideal for street use. Might not last long on the street courts.
  • The shoe runs half a size too large for those with either average or narrow feet.