Basketball Maintenance Tips – How to Care For a Basketball

A good basketball is one that can last for years but first, you have to maintain well. Whether the ball is synthetic, made of leather or full grain it should be properly maintained. The ball gets dirty too so, it has to be cleaned regularly.

Wondering how you can clean the basketball without damaging it? Here are the tips we have compiled together for you, on how to maintenance of a basketball.

How to Measure Air Pressure in a Basketball

The ball is likely to lose air if it has not been used for a long time. When it loses air, it does not bounce and this may affect the ball. The ball has to have enough air throughout. It should bounce back approximately two-thirds of the way from where it was dropped.

If this does not happen, then your ball does not either, have enough pressure or it has excess pressure in it. The information about the pressure is indicated near the basketball’s hole. A basketball should have 8lbs per square inch. Make sure not to use the ball when it does not enough pressure.

The following is a guide to the pressure of the basketball.

Take Care of Your Basketball Needle

The needle should be lubricated well enough before using it for inflation. Insert the needle in the valve after you are sure that the needle is lubricated well and has no damages. This is necessary because a needle that is damaged can cause damage to a basketball too.

How to Inflate a Basketball

  • Make sure not to use high pressure when inflating the ball. The pressure should not be the same as the one applied on tires. For a basketball, the pressure should be less.
  • Do not inflate the ball when it is cold. This is because; the bladder is likely to burst.
  • Make sure you hold the valve firm enough as you insert the needle. If you insert the needle anywhere else, the ball will get damaged.
  • When inflating the ball, do it slowly. Otherwise, if you do it fast, the bladder might burst because of the unanticipated pressure.

How to Pump a basketball

Inflate a Basketball

You should use the manufacturer’s instruction always when pumping the basketball. You might do it your own way then, end up either, overdoing it or under doing it. That might cause damage to the ball.

How to Deflate a Basketball

  • If you are deflating the ball, you only need to put the needle in the hole and allow the air out.
  • During deflation leave, 2-3 pounds to ensure the cover is safe from any damage.

Keep the Ball and Storage Rack Clean Always

The basketball should be clean always. However, there are dos and don’ts to apply when cleaning the ball. If you do it the wrong way you can ruin the basketball.

How to Clean a Basketball

  • Wipe the ball using a wet cloth and a damp.
  • After wiping it, dry it out. This will help the ball not to get stains that could be hard to remove.
  • The basketball could be too dirty and just wiping it, could not be enough. Therefore, if it is too dirty, use a leather shampoo. This keeps the ball’s oils retained.
  • Leave the ball in a well-ventilated place, to let it dry.
  • Never let the ball soak in water. This is because the water might seep in through the holes and the cracks. The moment water gets in the ball; the bladder of the ball is likely to get damaged.

Steps of Cleaning the Ball

  • Put enough warm water in a bucket. Mix the leather shampoo in the water. In case you do not have leather shampoo, use a mild dish detergent.
  • Dip a rag in the mixture then clean the basketball. Focus on the seams of the ball mostly. This is because; the seams collect the most dust and durst in the ball.
  • Rinse the ball then dry it up with a dry rag.

Store the Ball in The Right Place

If not using the ball, store it in a cool dry place away from the sunlight. Do not keep the ball in the car boot. This is because; the temperatures of the car boot can damage the ball. It is recommended to keep it in a ball bag that is well ventilated.

Caring Your Ball With Storage Rack


Get a good quality storage rack to store your basketball. It is an equipment that plays a part in the durability of your basketball. The storage racks should also be cleaned because they accumulate dust.

Use More Than One Ball

During the game, use more than one ball. This gives the ball time to recover. The ball needs some rest.

Kids Basketball Caring

A good basketball for kids should be more durable. The kids should use a basketball that can be played both indoors and outdoors because it could be hard for kids to take good care of the ball.

Basketball Maintenance Tips

Pump the Ball Before Use

We discussed the ball’s pressure earlier on. Therefore, the ball should have enough pressure always. Make sure to follow all the steps and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

Indoor & Outdoor Caring

Depending on the basketball’s material, know where to use the ball and where not to. Leather basketballs are only for indoors and on wooden floors. Rubber or synthetic balls are for rough, cemented and rocky grounds.

At the end of the day, basketball may seem as a hard equipment, but it’s not. It only needs proper care. The above information will help you take care of your ball as required. Proper care, prolongs a basketball’s life. Therefore, if you love your basketball and need it to last for long, then you have to take good care of it.