Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support – Men and Women

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Let’s face it choosing a pair of basketball shoes can be a challenge at the best of times when you consider what’s out there and all the possibilities but aside from looking good, your shoes need to perform when in play. That’s why when you are considering which pair to pick, you need to think about a few things including what type of ankle support they give you.


To find out why this is so important, then check out our in-depth Buyer’s Guide after the reviews in which you’ll find more on how to pick the shoes that’ll give you the best support. But for right now, let’s just jump right into the reviews. 

Ankle Support Basketball Shoe Reviews

Nike LeBron XVII – Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

‘The LeBron XVII harnesses LeBron’s strength and speed with containment and support for all-court domination.’ This pretty much sums up these extremely popular shoes. So, let’s see what makes these shoes great:

  • Cushioning for impact and support
  • Responsive energy return
  • KnitPosite – Flyknit + pre-twisted heat-moulded yarns = durable and supportive shoes
  • Maximum-volume Zoom Air units
  • Rubber outsole
  • Foam midsole

We also rate these as the best Nike Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support.

Great selection of sizes available
New colorways, including limited editions available
Available in older children’s sizes too
Lightweight and durable
Easy to put on and remove thanks to its wide collar
Traditional style locked-in feel

NA – See comment below

This is a well-constructed, highly engineered piece of kit for your feet that quite frankly doesn’t seem to have a lot of negatives.

UA Curry 6 ‘Ruin the Game’ – Best Women’s Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Under Armour are of course synonymous with their layers but they also do a lot of other clothing and footwear besides just what you put beneath your kit. When Stephen Curry hit the basketball scene more than a decade ago they said of him – ‘Fresh. New. Innovative and Groundbreaking.’ 

Well he brings all of that to his shoes.

The Curry 6 is a mid-height design which offers a wealth of features designed to enhance your gameplay while ensuring your feet are protected and cared for. 

Here’s what makes these shoes great:

  • Breathable upper created from fully knit fabric
  • Full-length speed plate
  • Full-length UA HOVR™ cushioning
  • External heel counter to add stability & support
  • Split outsole for superior traction

Great selection of sizes
Wide range of color options

Some customers have reported that the soles lift away
Some customers have reported that these shoes run a little larger so you might want to take this into consideration when thinking about which size you order

Adidas Crazy Explosive – Best Adidas Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

It’s probably no surprise to find the best Adidas shoe in this category, is the Crazy Explosive. Let’s see what makes these shoes great:

  • Ultra-light Primeknit upper
  • Great traction thanks to its multi-directional pattern
  • Fit true to size
  • Full-length Boost™ mid-sole for great cushioning
  • Offers good impact protection

Great choice of colorways available including special editions
Most users reported these sneakers as being very comfortable to wear
Highly supportive and stable
Adaptable – could be used for other sports as well as just basketball
Great fit thanks to the lacing system

Some may find the color choice and design limited when compared to other shoes
Some wearers complained that the shoes can be difficult to put on
Heavier than some other shoes in this category

Buyer’s Guide

The most common injury in basketball is an ankle injury. This is because you are constantly running, jumping and twisting your feet in many directions. While a lot of basketball shoes will brag about being the best shoe because they have a famous basketball player attached to them, there are other shoes designed in a way to not only help performance, but help prevent injury. 

What to Consider When Buying Basketball Shoes to Lessen Injury


Since you are moving a lot in basketball and transitioning is important, you need to think about how the basketball shoe fits on you. Having a loose fitting shoe is not a good idea for trying to prevent an ankle injury. The looser the fit, the less support your ankles have and that can affect your performance and experience. The fitting must be tight enough to support your ankles, but also comfortable enough for you when you are walking, running or jumping.

Full High Top

The top of the shoe is also important for ankle support. Low-cut or three-quarter cut shoes are easy to put on and off, but they provide almost no support for your ankles. A high top shoe is best if you want ankle support because it envelopes your ankle and helps prevent it from twisting too much or rolling. Some shoes also come with extra straps that can be adjusted to give you the right support for your ankle.

Lace Design

You also need to consider the design and structure of the shoe laces. Some shoes have created their own unique design meant to help with ankle support. For best support you want shoes with eyelets, that way you can tie down the laces across the bridge of your foot.


While we all want to have our own style with basketball shoes, it’s best to choose function over form. You need shoes that enhance and improve your performance all while being able to support your ankles. Most brands have different colors that you can choose from so you can still have a shoe that helps you, but also matches you. If you care what a shoe looks like, then just buy it for a trophy case.


It’s good to have a shoe made from materials that provide flexibility. You are constantly changing your movement and you don’t want to roll your ankles. However, you want a little stiffness to keep support, but too much can affect your performance overall. 


Since you are doing a lot of jumping in basketball, having a shoe with cushioning is helpful. When you land on your feet, your ankles take some of the pressure so being able to minimize that can help prevent injury. It is best to find shoes with cushioning on the heel and forefront as well to help prevent other types of foot injury. 


While not the most important aspect, it is something to consider. Having a shoe that is comfortable will make your game playing experience more enjoyable and will let you concentrate on everything else.


Price is always a contributing factor in buying basketball shoes. Depending on the level of play, the location or even how long you plan on playing, you may want to spend more or less on a pair of basketball shoes. The ones that support your feet and ankles the most are more expensive, but can a good investment and could prevent an injury down the line that would make you pay way more in costs.

Prevention of Ankle Injury

Having the right shoe is important for preventing an ankle injury but there are also ways you can be proactive and help to prevent yourself from getting hurt. For example there are different exercises you can do to help stretch and strengthen your ankles.

Ankle Alphabet

This is where you trace the alphabet in the air with your foot. 

Ankle Circles

Doing 2 sets of 20 for each ankle, sit down and move your ankle in a circle in a clockwise motion, and then a counterclockwise motion.

Ankle Eversion and Inversion with Resistance Bands

Using a resistance band around your foot rotate your ankle in or out against the resistance. Do 2 reps of 20 for each.

Things to Consider

With shoes, there is only so much they can do. Just because they can prevent injury, doesn’t mean they always will. Here are a few things to consider.

Most acute foot injuries from things like landing improperly from a jump or twisting while falling are incidental and can be difficult to prevent. Common injuries include sprains, torn ligaments, pulled muscles, tendon rupture or fractures.

More serious injuries can be caused by several things including inadequate warm up or stretching, improper or shoes that don’t fit and shoes that are worn out. Common chronic injuries include fractures, splints, tendinitis and blisters.

It’s important to consider which surface you will be playing on. Indoor basketball courts are considered the safest because they have the most shock absorption, while asphalt courts are harder. The hardest court type is concrete and is the most injury prone court.

To help prevent injury, it is best to have proper conditioning, proper equipment and a feel for the court you are playing on. Stretching and gradual warm up is best before vigorous play. There are also certain work out and weight lifting routines that help strengthen muscles and minimize any chance of injury.

Since basketball is a demanding sport, if you get even the slightest injury it is best to have it checked out immediately. Only a professional podiatrist can tell you if it’s safe to get back on the court or not. Even the smallest injury can turn into something problematic without the proper care, and if that means sitting part of the game out, so be it.

For more information on ankle injuries or prevention here are a few helpful links.