Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards in 2024

If you want to know a little bit more about choosing the right pair of shoes for playing point guard then head on down to the Buyer’s Guide right after the Reviews. But, if you just want to get to the goods, check out the Reviews right now, right here.

Best Basketball Shoes Point Guard Reviews

1. Adidas Harden Vol. 3 

adidas Harden Vol. 3 Shoes Men'sCheck on Amazon

It’s no real surprise to find these shoes hitting the top spot for point guard shoes. With a pedigree like Harden behind their design, what’s not to love? There’s a full review on these shoes already up so, if you want to read a fuller more in-depth review check it out here: Full Review

But if not, here’s what makes these shoes great:

  • The cushioning on Vol. 3 has improved on the previous model making them more responsive and giving a greater level of bounce to the wearer.
  • Herringbone traction patterns allow for quick turns with its great grip that’s ideal for speedy quick direction changes.
  • Flyknit fabric offers botha great fit and added comfort to the wearer without fear of overheating.
  • Thanks to the narrow design and the stretch of the material, these feel snug and secure.

What We Like

  • Comfortable, Breathable and Responsive
  • Great indoor traction
  • Wide range of designer colorways to choose from
  • Low-cut which allows for a full range of movement
  • Boost foam midsole

What We Don’t Like

  • Some wearers have complained that the shoes run a little small
  • Some wearers have complained that these didn’t provide adequate enough traction on dusty court floors

2. Nike Kyrie 5 – Runner Up

Nike Kyrie 5Check on Amazon

These Nike shoes designed and inspired by NBA Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving, came a close runner-up for our point guard choice. There’s a full review on these shoes already up so, if you want to read a fuller more in-depth review check it out here: Full ReviewBut if not, here’s why these shoes are great:

  • Flytrap closure which is based on the Venus flytrap plant, this containment system holds your foot in place with a secure but comfortable feeling.
  • Nike’s Air Zoom Turbo Cushioning system for responsive play.
  • Traction offering stability and flexibility. 
  • Kyrie 5 By You which allows you to become your own sneaker designer.

What We Like

  • Fantastic range of colorways and designs make these shoes the ideal choice for on and off the court
  • Size range for toddlers, bigger kids and adults
  • Padding at the ankle collar provides support to the Achilles tendon for great support

What We Don’t Like

  • Narrow design which might not be suitable for those with wider feet
  • Some wearers have reported that they run small so it might be worth ordering up a size

3. Under Armour Curry 6 – Honorable

Under Armour Curry 6Check on Amazon

MentionUnder Armour’s Curry 6 shoes deserve an honorable mention thanks to the style and design evident in these Steph Curry shoes. These mid-tops are definitely worth checking out if you find the above choices unsuitable for whatever reason.

Here’s what makes these shoes great:

  • Lightweight and breathable thanks to their fully knit construction.
  • UA-HOVR™ foam cushioning provides an ‘explosive energy return.’
  • Full-length speed plate.
  • Split outsole giving excellent traction. 

What We Like

  • Great selection of colorways
  • Comfortable, snug and secure feel
  • Fast lacing system

What We Don’t Like

  • Compared to some brands, the designs are a little tame however, if you like your sneakers understated but still stylish – these’d be a great pick
  • Some wearers have complained that these shoes run a little wide

Basketball Shoes for Point Guards Buyer’s Guide

Playing point guard or being ”the one” is an honor on and off the court. And is probably one of the hardest and most demanding positions to play. You need to be adaptable, quick, fearless and possess many skills to play PG.

As a point guard, you are considered a leader on the court. The pace of the game and position of your teammates is all down to your skill as a PG.

Having the right pair of shoes can make a massive difference to your game whatever position you play, but being a point guard the onus falls on you to lead your team – so the best footwear is crucial.

Being able to move quickly, turn in an instant, and pace the court will only be possible with the right pair of shoes. All the things you need to consider before investing in the perfect pair of basketball shoes for ‘PG’s.

Being able to run and turn is only possible with shoes that provide excellent traction. Having the right pair of shoes for inside and outside courts means you are not carrying around additional weight, as a point guard you are always on the move, and the last thing you want is a trainer with insufficient stability.

So, here we’ll take you through some of the most important things to think about when looking for the best basketball shoes for point guards.


Traction enables you to keep moving fast and turn quickly so it’s crucial to pay attention to this element of your shoes. When looking at shoes check-out the traction patterns on the soles, you want them to be multi-directional as in a game, you’ll rarely be moving in straight lines.

Having a multi-directional pattern will give you grip no matter which way you turn and will provide you with instant push away when you need to race down the court. Your traction grooves should be deep; deep groves stop dust or debris settling on the bottom of your trainers another thing that may impact your ability to run and turn fast. Dust is one of the main culprits for making your trainers slip.

Here’s a strange one – solid rubber colorways are the best choice as weirdly the translucent ones seem to attract more dust and require more cleaning. Strange but true! But hey, if you like the clear look then go for it.


Playing in one of the most active positions on the court the wear and tear on your joints can take its toll. You need all the support you can get on and off the court. From your socks to your jersey, everything has been designed to support you so you can play at optimum performance without worrying about injury.

The top basketball trainers for point guards should offer excellent stability around your feet and ankles. The closure system you prefer is up to you, but it is essential to make sure that when you try your new trainers on, they feel supportive around the lower ankle and foot.

Look for trainers which offer padding or a level of ankle support to make sure you ‘don’t risk any injuries when jumping, running, or turning.


The last thing you need when trying to beat fatigue is a big, heavy shoe that feels like ‘you’re carrying two bricks around on your feet. Modern basketball sneakers are usually lightweight anyway, but it is always worth checking them out. Those extra few ounces may make all the difference to your game.

Choose the shoe for the environment in which you’ll play, so, outdoor shoes for outdoor courts and indoor for indoor courts. You might be tempted to just get one pair and hope it’ll do for both but they’re really two different shoes so, it pays in your game to kit yourself out right.

Outdoor basketball trainers are often more durable than indoor shoes. This is because they make the rubber sole denser to protect the trainer from stones, sticks, and debris.

If you play indoors, then make sure you are buying indoor trainers, likewise with outdoors. This way, you are getting the best performance from your trainers without carrying around additional weight.


When we look at shoes there’s what we see with the eye – that great graphic or limited edition print that wows us. And then, there’s the comfort. What you should do is buy with comfort as your main goal especially if you are serious about your game and play a lot. Imagine playing or practicing for hours in a pair of trainers that cramp your feet or cause blisters or bunions?

Having comfortable shoes means you can walk with better posture, for longer, won’t suffer from muscle fatigue, and you can run, jump, skip, and hop to your heart’s content. Basketball trainers aren’t meant for long-distance walking, but with their support and durability, they make a good choice for everyday shoes.

When you are playing in trainers which support your style, your movement, and offer you protection while doing so, you can play some of the best games of your life.

Low cut, mid, or ankle tops?

You may wonder what the best cut of shoe for point guards is? Well, picking either a low- or mid-cut would be a good choice as you need free movement without any restrictions. They’ll allow you to move quickly without adding additional weight or leaving you feeling flexible when turning and twisting. And if you are worried about losing the ankle stability that a high top gives, then don’t.

The great Steph Curry himself wears an ankle brace almost every game, if you ‘don’t want to wear an ankle brace then low and mid-top basketball shoes offer added support from the extended-out riggers and more durable and robust heel counters.


What fastening you choose is more of personal preference, but its always worth taking a closer look at them because they may well make the difference to how comfortable your sneakers are and this could impact your overall gameplay and performance. 

Standard lace-up trainers are always reliable, but in modern times we’re seeing new types of basketball shoelaces and closure systems hit the market. And if you’re worried about your laces coming undone during a game, it might be worth checking out different closure options. 

VELCRO® is always a reliable option for point guards, they offer a close snug fit that allows you to increase or decrease how tight you want them to be. Once done up, they’re pretty much done until you want them undone. But, if you like the look of laces how about investing in a pair of pull tight laces which should stay in place great?

Standard lace-up trainers are still the most popular choice as no matter what you put them through; they will always be reliable.