The Best Basketball Teams of All Ages

Sports in general are a great way to pass the time in entertainment, but it is also a great hobby that can hold the attention of most of the audience. There are many sports and each of them has a different audience, but there is one sport that is perhaps the most popular on a planetary level, and that is basketball. Basketball is one of the most popular sports across the world which is why millions of people watch it to this day. People have their favorite teams and players and they can’t wait for their favorite team to come on so they can cheer them on until the end.

There are lots of basketball leagues and games that take place each year and these are covered by a variety of platforms. Some of them are online sportsbooks like which also make sure to cover a variety of sports such as boxing, baseball, tennis, football, and more. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly, that is, even in those moments when you want to fully support your favorite team and bet on a victory or a positive outcome, you need to do it without causing yourself financial damage.

There are also lots of basketball teams and they are made up of amazing players. These teams left great memories and great moments that we will remember forever. Teams change, and with that their game changes, which is completely normal. Generations come and go, each one leaving behind something worth remembering. Naturally, you don’t have to stick to today’s players to pick out a good team, but back in the day, there were some great contenders. With that said, here are some of the best basketball teams of all ages:

Philadelphia 76ers


The NBA is one of the best leagues in the entire world. It is in this league that a really large number of players who left excellent results for their teams, but also whole teams that were worth remembering, have passed. One such team is the Philadelphia 76ers. When you take the 76ers team from the 80s you have a pretty good basketball team.

Erving was leading the pack, in a way, because he was a veteran in his prime. Together with Toney and Cheeks, they made an unstoppable team. Moreover, they had Moses Malone that could do 15 rebounds a game which is an amazing mark to leave in the world of basketball. The early 80s were their time and they made sure to be remembered.

Chicago Bulls


Back in the 90s, pretty much everyone had heard of the Chicago Bulls because they made such a noise. It was the period in which the Chicago Bulls were the symbol for all of America, but also for the NBA as a league in which they played. This team from the 90s of the last century will be remembered forever as one of the better teams that not only played a great game, but above all brought great results for the Chicago Bulls.

In other words, their basketball skills took them to the top and with players like Pippen and Jordan, they wouldn’t be stopped. Jordan even took a break from basketball and tried to play some baseball, but when he came back he made sure to shoot his way to the top. That’s why the Chicago Bulls is a team that’s going to be on lots of top lists of the best basketball teams of all teams. Even people that aren’t into basketball know who Jordan was and how significant he is to the world of basketball. In short, Chicago Bulls is a household name.

LA Lakers


You can’t talk about basketball and not mention the Lakers. The Los Angeles Pride is also one of the best teams of the past that delighted basketball fans who eagerly awaited each subsequent game. Yes, that’s the LA Lakers team, the lineup of players that both in the 80s and the 90s had something to show and brought many extraordinary victories. The late 80s were a pretty good period for them as they had a host of simply magical players on the team.

Magic Johnson was the leader and he was accompanied by Jamar, Scott, Green, Cooper, and others. They made sure to put their best foot forward in the 86-87 season and their effort paid off as they managed to snag another championship title under their belts.

These are just 3 amazing basketball teams from amazing eras. Naturally, you’re entitled to your pick as there have been amazing basketball teams for ages and there are lots of eras to pick from. You can get started with these 3 and go as deep as the rabbit hole goes.

But is there a good basketball team even today? Let’s see who are today’s best basketball teams.

What are today’s best basketball teams that have a chance to become one of the best of all time?


This season, the NBA again has something to offer all of us who love basketball. This season many surprises were prepared by all the teams, and a particularly big surprise is the Boston Celtics team, which this season is at the top of the Eastern Conference, and the number one team in the Western Conference is the Denver Nuggets team. . These two teams have a real chance to become part of the best teams of all time, but whether we will talk about them in the future remains to be seen how this season will go and what results they will leave for the club they play for, but above all for the big fans.

The best thing that we can finally conclude is that the team is not assembled just like that, the players must have synergy and agreement among themselves to build a successful generation of basketball players that will be remembered. We hope that there will be the same successful generations in the years to come that we will talk about in the future and remember with pride and joy.