History of Basketball Timeline – Origin of the sport

A person at his early school days invented the concept of basketball by playing a game named “Duck-on-a-rock”. Later in 1891, after becoming a physical education instructor at YMCA he established the concept of basketball through his students. The person is none other than the world famous basketball inventor Dr. James Naismith.

At least 213 nations across the world are members of FIBA and have their own national leagues. However, NBA, the national basketball league in the USA, is recognized by many people as the best basketball league in the world. The game is generally considered a high-intensity contact sport that involves 6 players per side. 4 quarters are played per game and the team with the highest number of points wins. Points are scored if a player from either side is able to put the ball in the rim located on either end of the basketball court.

The very first match of basketball


The first match of any sport is the most exciting and unforgettable day of the history of that sport. If we go through the history, the first match of basketball was taken place on 21st December 1891 in the Armory street court: 9 versus 9 under the instruction of Dr. James Naismith and the equipment were a soccer ball and two peach baskets only no Spalding ball or metal hoop. Dr. James Naismith had 18 students in his physical education class so he decided to divide them into two teams.

Why it is called “Basketball”

As Dr. James Naismith wash was the inventor many people suggested to give the of the game after his name but he refused and said that “we have a ball and a basket so why don’t we call it Basketball?” that’s how the name Basketball of this game form.

History of Ball of Basketball

In history the very first company of producing basketball for official use was the brand Spalding in 19th century. Before 1983 the sport was playing with soccer ball (including first match) Nowadays the standard size of a basketball (according to NBA) is 29.5 inches.

Basketball court

Though Dr. James Naismith invented basketball he did not fixed any specific size. The YMCA gym court limited the first match. So the court size is changing with its evolvement.

List of Basketball Rules

Dr. James Naismith had introduced only 13 rules as guideline of playing the game and they were;

  • You may use your one or both hands to throw the ball in any direction you prefer.
  • You may bat the ball with one or both hands in any direction.
  • Running with the ball is strictly prohibited, you are allowed to bounce the ball.
  • Your arms and body are not allowed to hold or play with the ball. You can use your hands only to hold or play the game.
  • Holding, tripping, shouldering, pushing or striking is forbidden.
  • Striking the ball with the blow and breach of the rules 3,4 and 5 will be counted as foul.
  • If your team make foul successively 3 times then it will be counted as a goal for opposite team.
  • If you throw the ball from the ground into the basket and it has to stay there then the goal will be counted otherwise not.
  • In case of going out of bounds, the ball will be thrown straight into the field by the umpire. 
  • The umpire will point out the foul and inform the referee.
  • The referee will judge the game and will decide goal or foul.
  • The time management of the game will be fifteen minutes halves and of course with five minutes break.
  • The team will be declared as the winner by which maximum goal will be given.

Role of YMCA in introducing Basketball

YMCA played a significant role to introduce Basketball in front of the whole world by arranging the first European basketball match in Paris in 1893. After the matching basketball developed rapidly. In basketball history, the first international match took place in Saint Petersburg in 1909.

Participation in Olympic Games

As basketball was spreading its name the first international organization FIBA (Fédération Internationale de basketball amateur) in Geneva established as a result basketball first time participated in the Olympic Games as a sport in 1936 and the match was played on a sludge court. U.S. national team won the first Olympic title and the runner-up team was from Canada.

Formation of NBA

In the 21st century the most professional basketball league is called NBA (National Basketball Association) but in the early time, its name was BAA (Basketball Association of America) was established on 6th June 1946 in New York City.

Being an international sport, it is comprising its roots but developing day by day. This can be the main reason for its rapid growth of advancement and all thanks go to Dr. James Naismith for gifting the world a ravishing sport like Basketball.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was basketball invented?

In Springfeild, Massachusetts in 1891 Dr. James Naismith was asked to invent a new indoor game that young athletes could play for physical activity. That new game was the game of basketball. A peach basket had the bottom cut out of it and that was what was used for a hoop.

Where did the game of basketball originate?

Basketabll originated in the United States at the Springfeild College. The game was created by Dr. James Naismith at the request of the college, and since that day has steadily grown in popularity throughout the country and the world.

Who predominantly played basketball across the timeline?

Yao Ming is one of the only Chinese players who have played in the NBA although there are reportedly 300 million people in China that play basketball as a recreational experience. Yao Ming was one of their only professional players who could compete against American players with equal skill and finesse.

What are the 13 original rules of basketball?

1) the ball can be thrown using one or both hands in any direction

2) the ball can be batted with one or both hands but not with the fist

3) a player cannot run whyile holding the ball

4) the hands must be used to hold the ball and the body or arms cannot be used to help hold it

5) opponents cannot be shouldered, pushed, held, tripped, or struck

6) striking the ball with a fist is a foul

7) if one team gets three consecutive fouls the other team is awarded a goal

8) A goal is completed when a ball is thrown or batted into the basket,

9) Once the ball goes out of bounds it is thrown back into the game and played by the first person who touches it

10) the umpire is the judge and keeps notes of fouls and tells the referee when three consecutive fouls are made

11) The referee judg3es when the ball is played in bounds, which team has the ball, and shall keep the time

12) time is 15 minutes halves with a five minute rest interval between

13) The team that scores the most goal is the winner