How to Clean Basketball Shoes to Keep Them Looking Great

If you wear basketball shoes, you know that they differ from other types of sneakers and tennis shoes that you may wear. They are made of different materials and work better for playing basketball. It is important to know how to clean basketball shoes. They should not be cleaned like other types of shoes may be cleaned.

How Often Should You Clean Basketball Shoes?

How often you clean your basketball shoes should depend on the use they get. Many people wear basketball shoes as street shoes. Here, basketball shoes get a lot of wear.

Other people only wear them indoors for basketball games. They may wear different shoes as they are entering and exiting the building and walking outdoors. If this sounds like you, your basketball shoes may need to be cleaned rarely.

There are also people in the middle who may wear basketball shoes to play basketball outdoors occasionally. These basketball shoes would need to be cleaned sometimes but not too often. How often you wash your shoes should depend on how often you wear them and where you are wearing them.

How to Clean Basketball Shoes to Keep Them Looking Great

You also may need to wash your basketball shoes for unique situations. If you stepped in mud or spilled something on them, those are good reasons to clean your basketball shoes.

Why Should You Clean Your Basketball Shoes?

Keeping your basketball shoes clean and in great shape is the best way to increase their longevity. Basketball shoes can be expensive. By taking care of them, you can ensure that they last as long as possible. This will save you money.

How to Clean Your Basketball Shoes

Here are the steps for cleaning your basketball shoes.

  • Remove the insole and the shoelaces.
  • Soak the insoles in a solution of vinegar and water. This helps to eliminate any odors. It will also kill bacteria.
  • Wash the shoelaces in the washing machine. Alternatively, you can wash them by hand in the sink.
  • Create a solution of water and laundry detergent or water and dish soap. Gently scrub your basketball shoes with a dampened rag.
  • Wipe away the soap with a clean, dry cloth.

When you are washing your basketball shoes, make sure you do not use bleach. Bleach is too abrasive and could damage your basketball shoes.

How to Remove Stains on Your Basketball Shoes

Some stains can be difficult to remove. Use a similar soap solution to the one mentioned above. Try using a toothbrush to scrub the stains on your basketball shoes. Once you have scrubbed the shoes, wipe the soap away with a clean, dry cloth. Then, let the basketball shoes air dry.

Other Ways to Increase the Longevity of Your Basketball Shoes

If you are concerned about making sure your basketball shoes last, there are a handful of ways to help with that.

First, try to limit the time you wear them outdoors. If you wear basketball shoes as street shoes, this is not an option for you. If you only wear basketball shoes to play basketball, avoid wearing them into or out of a gym. Less wear and tear from outdoor use is easier to keep up with.

Next, make sure you work on any stains as soon as they happen. If you spill something on your basketball shoes or step in a mud puddle, clean your shoes as soon as possible. This will prevent stains that are hard to remove. Fresh stains are the easiest to remove. Use soap and water to scrub the fresh stain.

Also, you can use a shoe deodorizing product in your basketball shoes. This can help to prevent odors in your basketball shoes. Airing out your basketball shoes can help with this. This will make it easier for you to clean your basketball shoe inserts when needed.

Finally, get in the habit of washing your basketball shoes after each wear. This will help you remove any marks or stains easily rather than trying to scrub them off weeks or months later. A simple soap and water solution with a rag should remove most stains and marks. Then, you can use a dry cloth to remove the soap. Let your basketball shoes air dry before wearing them again.

Can You Wash Basketball Shoes in the Washing Machine?

It is a good idea to avoid putting your basketball shoes in the washing machine. Some basketball shoes might survive a couple of cycles in the washing machine, but it does not seem to be worth the risk. There are other ways to quickly wash your basketball shoes.

In addition, your basketball shoes should not be put in the dryer. This can cause them to wrinkle and crack due to the high heat. It is always best to let your basketball shoes air dry.