What You Need to Know About March Madness Betting

March Madness is considered a special event for many basketball fans. Over 68 teams will compete for the top spot in the NCAA Tournament during this event. The full-packed schedule of March to April creates more fun and excitement for many fans of the sport. But why is it called March Madness?

As mentioned, the tournament will start in March with a Selection Sunday and ends with a championship. “Madness” aims to showcase visible enthusiasm during tournaments that will happen in different parts of the country. What makes it more exciting is that multiple games can happen all at the same time!

Of course, enjoying a sport comes with a betting experience. Here are things you need to know before starting your March Madness betting journey.

Betting Options


Like any other sports betting, March Madness also provides various betting options to its bettors. Understanding this beforehand can help you achieve smart betting options in the long run. Unlike regular betting types in basketball, NCAA Tournaments offer other unique options, which include the following:

  • Point Spread Bet – This betting type is one of the common options for March Madness bettors. A point spread is an amount set by the sportsbooks or oddsmakers according to certain game outcomes.

There will be a ‘favorite’ and an ‘underdog.’ The spread determines the possibility of a team winning or losing against its opponents. If the spread of underdogs is higher than the favorite’s final score, you will win your bet.

  • Moneyline Bet – This betting option is probably the simplest betting type to make. Moneyline bet allows you to choose one team you think will win the game. The listed number shows how much you’ll get if you successfully choose the winning team.
  • Total Bet – Also known as the Over or Under bet. Bettors will bet on whether the total combined scores of the teams will be under or over the score set by the sportsbooks or oddsmakers.
  • Parlay Bet – This betting type is intended for people who aim to get more winnings by creating multiple wagers. All you have to do is to choose winning picks to win your bet accurately. More bets on a parlay can provide much greater rewards if all your picks match the game outcome.

You can still make other betting options, including prop bets and future bets. Understanding these various betting types will help you further understand March Madness odds and place smarter bets in FanDuel.

March Madness Odds


The odds in March Madness provide bettors with the necessary information about which team is more likely to win the game. Odds are commonly presented with a negative or positive number beside the team’s name. A negative number represents favor over the team, while a positive number indicates that a team is an underdog and is more likely to lose the game.

What factors can affect the March Madness odds? Sports betting odds and predictions are generally affected by how the team plays, including the crowd’s expectations of them. Of course, the odds can change anytime if the team won’t be able to keep up with the hype with their performance on the court.

How to Bet on March Madness


Now that you already know the different betting types and odds, knowing how to properly make your bet should be the next step to focus on. Understanding different betting methods, simple or not, can contribute to deciding and choosing accurate betting options. Here are some ways you can follow when betting on March Madness.

Research on Different Teams

In every sports betting, research is always an important step to remember. The tournaments in the NCAA can be fast-paced, and catching up on it can be difficult without proper knowledge and preparation about the teams and the game itself.

Before making any picks, ensure you know the latest scoring trends. This way, you can look for teams, their history, past performances, and current stand on the tournament. Thus, allowing you to increase your winning chances.

Check the Team’s Recent Wins

Looking for the top teams to bet on means understanding how they handle and perform in every game. Simply put, looking at how a team plays is helpful when choosing your pick in March Madness. Their performances and recent wins can guide you to see how well they’ll do in the next game.

Team Defense Matter

Teams who excel on defense with high-scoring offenses have an advantage on the actual court during the regular season, and great defense can equate to more offense. Defense allows players to be competitive and provide consistency, leading them to win the game. Therefore, looking out for teams with great defense can be a smart way to create a bet.

Choose a Credible Online Betting Site

Choosing a credible online betting site for March Madness is necessary to ensure a safe online betting experience. Aside from its credibility, try also finding betting sites that offer multiple betting options to cater to your betting needs and preferences. You don’t have to worry much, as many offer real winnings, competitive odds, and bonuses you can enjoy.


The excitement brought by March Madness has provided much fun and excitement to many fans. Betting on it can spice up and add more entertainment to the upcoming tournament. Therefore, knowing how things work on March Madness betting will help you create a better experience you’ll surely cherish and enjoy.