Molten GG7X Indoor Basketball Review

Could it be that you desire to be a top athlete or basketballer? It is impossible for you to achieve this noble goal without making use of a ball that is especially intended for the attainment of that very feat.

Indeed, this range of basketball equipment is made for that person who wants to elevate his skills higher. That is due to the fact that it comprises higher quality materials which have been known to perform well. The review below endeavors to shed more light on it…

Molten GG7X Indoor Basketball Review

Features at a Glance

  • Enhanced visibility
  • Consistent touch
  • Maximum grip and controls
  • FIBA-Approved
  • Premium composite leather cover

Main Features of Molten GG7X Indoor Basketball

Consistent Touch

Setting this ball apart from the others is the consistent touch which it accords your hands and fingers. This consistency is brought about by the upgraded traditional pebble pattern. This pattern entails the alignment of the pebbles in such a way as to yield uniform surface texture.

Thanks to this arrangement, you will get to enjoy consistent contacts at all times of use. This benefit, you will be sure to enjoy, regardless of where you choose to hold the ball. Further, you will get to maneuver and move hassle-free.

Enhanced Visibility

Yet another striking aspect of this ball is its higher visibility. This draws from the awesome color contrast which adorns the entire exterior of the ball. The visibility comes in handy when playing in an environment that experiences lower levels of illumination.

Thus, the ball guarantees that you will enjoy your game no matter which circumstance of play you happen to find yourself in. Again, this arrangement diminishes the unlikely eventuality of sustaining injuries or accidents due to hard balls.

Giugiaro 12- Panel Design

All factors considered, this ball features the Giugiaro 12-panel Design. This design is basically a mix of beauty and utility, all combined in one! By choosing this ball, you, therefore, get to enjoy the two benefits at a time.

This translates to a higher value for your money. Then again, the ball also handles your basketball maneuvers expeditiously. It lets you master the full controls, hardly fidgets, and lets you stay focused at all times of playing. In this way, you do not lose focus or fidget unnecessarily.

Uniform Pebble Surface

Its surface is entirely uniform in stature. This is given the uniform pebble outer coating which adorns the skin of the basketball. The uniformity which the surface brings about is responsible for some consistent grips and exceptional handling later.

You will subsequently get to control the ball with superior management. Also coming along are some precise and on-point passing and shots. These reduce the inaccuracies which you are bound to experience in the course of playing. It delivers more satisfactory gaming outcomes.


Lastly comes the signature GIUGIARO design. Its main purpose is to enhance your own visibility. It does this chiefly by letting you track how your ball rotates and in so doing, handle it well. Further to this, the feature ups your accuracy as well.

Proper visibility is definitely needful for the enjoyment of the basketball matches. It goes a long way in minimizing injuries, improving the accuracy of the shots, and making the game more interesting, all factors considered.

What We Like

  • Performs much better than many kinds of alternatives
  • Approved by the International Basketball Association
  • Features the latest and newest technology
  • Guarantees exceptional grip and handling
  • Gives you full control of the gaming sessions

What We Don’t Like

  • Certainly not for starters
  • Demands too much attention on your part
  • Calls for frequent repairs and maintenance


What is gg7x?

GG7X is a indoor basketball which is officially recognized and used the second division of the German Men’s Basketball League. This ball is generally tougher, longer-lasting, and suited for both outdoor and indoor applications. It is in most cases used by those who are already skilled in the exercise.

Is a rubber basketball good?

Of course, yes! The material lasts longer and bounces well on asphalt and concrete alike. Moreover, it is softer on your hands and will less likely predispose you to any risks of injuries or hurts. You want to prioritize it if yours are sensitive hands and fingers.

Final Word

Get hold of this ball and make your dream of being a professional basketballer come true. The ball indeed embodies many vital traits which make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. Courtesy of these traits, the ball also handles the task of playing with added zeal.

Even if you do not have any experience in playing the game of basketball, you will still find it handy. Its comprehensive makeup is definitely something that you will find truly reliable. The makeup has the ability to take you from scratch and work with you till you attain higher levels of success.