Pro Dunk Gold In Ground Basketball Hoop

The Gold series by Pro Dunk basketball hoop is considered as one of the most popular hoops. Its lift assist mechanism is this much powerful that anyone even a kid of 7 years old can easily fixed it up. To give the opportunity of experiencing a high competitive match it has 60-inch extended backboard which is made of the toughest glass.

And the offer of padding set makes the whole package attractive to the players. To protest the rusting problem the whole hoop is under the armor rust package which ensures its longtime durability

Pro Dunk Gold Driveway In-Ground Basketball Goal Reviews

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Pro Dunk
  • Product Dimensions: 96 x 60 x 24 inches
  • Item Weigt: 470 pounds
  • Shiping Weight: 520 pounds
  • Size: 60 Inches

Features at a Glance

  • High quality 60 inch tempered glass backboard
  • 6/6 inche massive one piece pole
  • Height adjustable between 5 feel to 10 feet
  • Complete padding set included
  • Heavy-duty rim with internal dual spring
  • Limited lifetime warrenty
  • Rust armor package

Main Features: Make the Basketball Hoop Popular

This popular basketball hoop not only will complement your property but also will provide you a opportunity of having an amazing match through its features and they are;

Great Size Backboard

To deliver the high level of performance and to build up the skill for competitive level this hoop provides the big backboard which is made of glass. It comes 60 inchs in size. The toughest glass is tempered glass which is 1/2 inch thick. So, you may enjoy a gym quality backboard.

One Piece Pole

By following the new technological designs this basketball hoop also maintains massive one piece pole which is 6*6 inch in size. By one-piece pole, you can be sure about your security. Because by lessening the pole sections will diminish the risk of loosening the joints.

Effortless Adjustability

By only this one basketball hoop you can cover up all matches as it is way too much flex for all ages to play. The hoop can be adjusted within 5 feet to 10 feet. To make the adjustable process more easy there is a handle for effortless adjustment. The whole process can be done only by turning on and turning off the handle.

Free Padding Set

To increase the comfort level and ensuring the highest level of safety a complete set of padding will come along in extra which is free of cost. The pads are 1 inch thick which will cover up the pole section and backboard. This offer you may hardly get through any other basketball hoops.

Superior Rust Protection

Rusting is a common problem with every basketball system. So, this basketball hoop has the rust preventative package. The package contains stainless steel made hardware and the whole system is also made of zinc galvanized.


This basketball hoop offers the limited lifetime warranty but you can cancel the order or return the hoop.

What We Love

  • The effortless height adjustment system is amazing
  • Complete set of padding is provided
  • It has long durability for superior rust protection
  • This hoop allows the youngest players to play
  • Gymnasium quality backboard for competitive playing experience
  • It has break-away rim for comfortable dunk

What Would Make the Hoop Better

  • All facilities are good but price is little bit high comparison to other hoops
  • The rim is break away but not flexible

Frequently Asked Questions: To Satisfy The Queries

What are the return policies?

In case of dissatisfaction you can return the product but in complete unused condition.

Is the basketball hoop portable?

No, the basketball hoop can move a little bit but cannot be moved as a whole frequently.

What are the rules and regulations to replace the hoop?

In case of dissatisfaction you can return the product but in complete unused condition.

Wrapping Up

When you choice a thing for your family you choose the best option without seeing the price tag. Though the price of this basketball hoop is little bit high, you can be sure about its quality and long durability. So, get the hoop today to enjoy the experience of having a good match.

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