Ryval C660 In-Ground Basketball Hoop Reviews

If you are looking for a great in-ground basketball hoop especially for the younger members of your family then the Ryval C660 basketball system will be the best choice.

It does not mean that it cannot be played with other members of your family rather it has the superior adjustability (5 feet to 10 feet) which goes with all ages. Its high technological design ensures that the rim or the backboard will hardly get hurt during dunking.

The extra padding of this basketball hoop does not only provide comfort but also increase the security level too.

Ryval C660 In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Ryval
  • Item Weight: 501 lbs
  • Height: 5-10 feet
  • Size: 60″

Features at a Glance

  • 60″ tempered glass backboard with clear view that is 1/2″ thick offering
  • top of the line rebounding performance
  • Massive 6” x 6” and 7-gauge steel one piece pole.
  • Adjustable height from 5-10 feet
  • Comes with lifetime warrenty
  • Heavy Duty Flex Rim
  • Hot dip galvanized under coating for keeping this hoop rush free.

Main Features: Reason Behind For Being Unique

Acrylic Backboard

According to the characteristics, it is the best backboard as it hardly defogs or scratch. The tempered glass is about 1/2-inch-thick which is used at the professional level like NBA or NCAA to give the superior level of safety.

Ultra Steel Frame

The galvanized frame will let you deny any other good reinforced joints as it is considered as the best material of the frame. The backboard of this hoop is fully covered with this galvanized frame means ultra solid steel frame.

Secure Rim

Mounting over the rim increase the risk of staving. To diminish the risk as well as to look like professional a new technology has been introduced that instead of using bolts in the hole it uses the tempered glass as the base to settle down the rim for making the rim more secure. And for the players who love to fly during a dunk, this will be the best choice as it provides the 1-inch high extra padding for more comfort and safety.

Reinforced Concrete

To make the concrete block for a long time and also to ensure the safety of players by securing the base rebar reinforcement is used. In this hoop 4 pieces of rebar are used to make durability of concrete long.

Height Adjustability

The center of attraction of this hoop is its adjustability. With high technological features, it has been made. Firstly, its cylinder neutralized feature which allows anyone to adjust the height even a kid of 5 years old also belongs to the list. And the hoop will also allow you to adjust the goal from 5 feet to 10 feet according to your desire. Don’t forgot to check our pro duck gold in-ground hoops review.

J-Bolts and pole

J-Bolts are the connectors which connect the hoop with the concrete and it is used instead of the anchor system. With the steel template the used J-Bolts can be set up perfectly. And the connection between the concrete and pole becomes strong enough.


This hoop comes with lifetime warranty. The manufacturers have challenged that this basketball hoop is 100% dunk proof. So, the rim comes on top in the list of warranty.

What We Love

  • This hoop will provide highest rust protection without any extra charge
  • Flexible and safe dunking facilities with 7-gauge steel
  • The rim is connected directly to the glass which gives a standard looking
  • Easiest adjustable system
  • The hoop hardly vibrates
  • J-Bolts system instead of anchor system

What Would Make the Hoop Better

  • This hoop goes with all ages but the design is kids friendly
  • The installation process is a little bit complex

Frequently Asked Questions: For Further Information

How many numbers of pole do the basketball hoop have?

This basketball hoop has one piece of a pole made of massive steel which is enough to protect whole joints.

How does the hoop protest rust?

In this basketball system the goal is made of Hot-Dip Galvanized steel by following the standard of Coach Series Goals.

Wrapping Up

After various research, the basketball hoop by Ryval model C660 comes as the best one. With the same quality, other basketball hoops come at a double price. So as a great basketball hoop with the easy installation process at a low price, this basketball system will be unbeatable.

Ryval C660 has many great features, there are other similar hoops to consider if you are in the market to buy a hoop with great value. Some other premium in-ground hoop that we would suggest looking at the Goallrilla FT series.