Vert Shock Reviews – The Best Vertical Jump Program

No matter what type of sports you play, be it soccer, volleyball or basketball, there are several basic elements you have to master. The elements are fast, strong and capability of high jumping. The quality of this basic elements can distinguish you from the normal and pro athlete. For basketball especially, high jump is a must even you just want to complete the simple dunk! Many people have asked me how I get to jump high. And it harder to answer the question every time different person asked. Because of that, I write this article so that it useful for others.

To accomplish this, there is one method.

“You need to learn how to train and build your muscle so that it can be maximize your performance especially in basketball”

Before this, I can’t do any perfect jump. For me at that time, this technique is one of the hardest obstacle in my profession as basketball player. I try to ignore this and improving other aspect of basketball like three pointers and hit ratio so that people will draw the attention away from my bad jumping technique.

As time fly, there is one incident which turn my thought. This happen where I could do a buzzer beater dunk but due to my lack of higher jump, my team lost in semi-final tournament. It’s frustrated.

Next after the incident, I fully immersed my thought on how to improve my jump. I try any possible tips, advice’s and techniques I found. I trained hard. But nothing make me improve until I stumbled with Vert Shock Program by Adam Folker. I decided to try… and here my reviews…

Voila! Maybe you already heard this program before. My #1 chosen of vertical jump program is the new program developed by Adam Folker and his friend, Justin “Jus” Fly, a pro basketball player and one of the best dunkers in the world.

Vert Shock is a new but most innovative program which focusing on advanced plyometric and great body hack to increase your vertical jump up to 15 inches. Most of their user claimed that, this is one of the best programs they have tried and it’s really work.

This program focus on how to use your fast muscle twitch fiber in the long time without feeling exhausted, the muscles that play a role when you boosted during jumping.

Interestingly, after you follow through the entire program in 12 weeks, you not only can do a dunk, but also can jump higher anytime you want during the game. I’ve made a comprehensive review of vert shock program here and what features they offer. So, check it out.

For beginners, this program maybe a bit hard to follow at first, because it workout really intense in order to make your dream achieve as soon as possible. If you have a history with your knees or ankles, you have to incorporate strength workout to avoid any harmful in the future.

What Exactly is Vert Shock System?

Developed by Adam Folker and Justin Jus Fly, this program specifically made to improve your vert jump. Unlike other program out there, this claim that you can increase your vertical by 9-15 inches only in 8 weeks of time. Interestingly, they discover that high jump does not rely only on strength training but there is method which give “shock” to your muscular system, allowing your body to jump as high as possible than what you think of.


For me, everybody can claim their product is good. I did not believe this sort of magic and fairy tales solution. Before I make up my mind, I think it’s better to know who the creators of this system and because of their credibility I try to focus my jumping following their guidance.

Who is Adam Folker?

Adam Folker

Adam Folker already made a name during his high school time. Selected as top 5 high school basketball players in Canada, initially, Adam claims that he only can do about 14 inches vertical jump. Then, with the right knowledge and great discipline, he now are able to jump as high as 32 inches.

Due to that achievement, he was named to the Big West Academic All-Conference team in 2009 and 2010. Then, he play full time as NCAA basketball player for UC Irvine.

Who is Justin Darlington (JUS FLY)?

Justin Darlington

This co-creator of this awesome program begin his career as an amateur basketball player. Also known as Jus Fly, he got a lot of attention after he won the Nike World Basketball Festive Dunk Contest with the 49.9 inches jump. Amazingly, this is even not the highest Jus Fly can reached. He has 53” under his sleeves of success.

Because of his amazing capabilities, he can do many wow feat likes a cartwheel jump and 360 beneath-both-legs-dunk. This guy really good in this, even NBA took him as a coach to train some big name players like DeMar DeRozan, a player from Raptors.

Luckily, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to learn from him. Adam and Justin share their techniques and method for those who want it.

How Does Adam Folker System Work? Here The Secrets..

At first, like everybody, I’m skeptical. Does it work? I already tried countless strength training to improve my jumping. How does this training will change my effort? Put aside all the negative thought, I set my mind. This certainly can’t be accomplished overnight.

Within two weeks, I can see the result and why it is different from other method. By focusing on your fast twitch muscle fibers, you can fully utilized it every time you need them especially right before you do a jump for dunk shot. This system is divided into 3 different phases. Every phases must be completed and don’t think to skip one!

1st Phase : Pre-Shock Phase

At the end of this phase, you will be able to improve your high jump by 3 to 5 inches. Lasted in 7 days, this phase are designated to make your body prepare for the next phase and also help to identify the usage of your muscle fiber.

2nd Phase : Shock Phase

The most intense phase between this 3 phases. This 6 weeks phase required a great determination and commitment to be finished. This training is a combination of plyometric and strength exercises which must be done 4 times per week (less than 1 hour per session).

By focusing on your nervous system, you are expected to get high explosion leaps by stimulating the fast-twitch muscle fibers and also prevent you from exhausting the reserve energy.

3rd Phase : Post-Shock Phase

This final phase is made so that you accustomed with your fast neurological response. It’s very important because you will not only can jump higher , but also can do it consistently, every time you want it.

The Science Behind Folker System Program

When we talk about sport, generally we just discuss about how to build muscle. In this intense program, they specifically target on muscle involved during our sport activities. Those muscle is known as slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers. Both are different in term of function and usage.

Slow-Twitch Muscle Fibers: Help for long endurance sport like marathon. This muscle are more efficient in oxygen usage to generate more fuel over a long time.

Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers: By manipulating anaerobic metabolism to create fuel, this muscle is best use to generate the explosive burst of strength. The downside is, they fatigue faster.

When our body move, they determine and choose which muscle fibers is used depend on what is activity we perform. As I describe above, we can conclude that using fast-twitch muscle alone is not efficient.

What we really need is the right regimen on how to use fast-twitch muscle without exhausted feeling. And here what this system offer to you. You may check the physics of the vertical jump post to know more details about jump science


It may be biased if I’m the only one show the result of this program. But what do you think if there are numerous other people who try this and also succeed? In my mind, it does work. Here what others are said.

Who is this System For?

When I write this review, I only think about basketball because I play that game. But, after certain times, I realized that, this program not only for basket player, but also for any athletes who can benefit from their explosive fast-twitch muscle abilities.

A marathon runners, soccer players, volleyball players, high jumpers and football players. With the combination of slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fiber work together, I believe you will see a significant impact in your play.

Moreover, this training can be done by anyone without any additional equipment needed. For amateurs and beginners, you will likely can compete with experienced athletes with the help of right program.

What We Like

Here several benefits you can get: 

  • Clear cut information about how to jump high
  • A step by step easy to follow guidance
  • A training backed by scientific research based on proven training principles
  • A training backed by scientific research based on proven training principles
  • Secrets on how to consistently do a high vertical jump without cramp
  • The special warm up technique which will break your body from normal pattern so you can get best result
  • Saves your time from any ineffective training
  • Add as high as 15 inches in your jump

What We Don’t Like

  • This is not some magical charm or fairy tales. It required a commitment and full determination to follow. If you are half-hearten to follow, this is not for you. You need a full 8 weeks motivation and commitment and please don’t try to slack off. Otherwise, the result you get is not what are you desired.

How Much Does The System Cost?

Normally, it cost you about $134. But for the time being, you can get this awesome program just in one-time price of $67.

Interestingly, you are covered with 100% money-back guarantee. If you try and unhappy with the result (which I think not possible), you can ask for refund in 60 days after you bought.

So, if you want to increase your vertical and improve your play in any sport you involved. Don’t think too much. Grab this system and follow all the courses and I guarantee, you will not regret your decision.