How to Select Basketball Shoes Size

Choosing the right size of a basketball shoe is a crucial thing to do especially when you are an avid player. It has been proven that wearing the wrong size can cause your feet to experience problems and damage such as ingrown toenails, blisters, and orthopedic ankle issues. So in this article, I will teach you how to size basketball shoes.

Know Your Needs

Though basketball players share something in common, every player is still unique and needs their own degree of flexibility, support, and cushioning. By seeing your distinct role in the team, you will be able to assess the right shoes based on some conditions:

  • Are you are a direct player? Or plays to assist?
  • Are you a defensive player? Or an offensive player?
  • Are you a speed player? Or a power player?

It is vital for all players to consider cushioning, so there’s no question about that. Based on your playing style, you might also want to choose between support and flexibility. Shoes that offer great support typically lack flexibility and on the flip side, more flexible shoes provide less support, so it’s important to choose between the two. You also wouldn’t want to play with a massive shoe especially if you are an aggressive shooter.

With this in mind, another factor would be the shoe weight. The standard weight of basketball shoes is about 10 ounces. Before purchasing any shoes, make sure that you check the weight first. It is usually labeled in the box. If you can’t see any, try asking a sales associate.

Select the Ankle Height

Select the Ankle Height

As emphasized a lot of times, the right size basketball shoes are directly related to your role in the team. You wouldn’t want a high-top sneaker when you’re required to be speedy because high-top sneakers limit some of your movements so it wouldn’t be easy to run. With that in mind, you can select between a low-top or mid-top shoe. You are most likely to do great in a mid-top shoe when you need to do multiple roles in a certain game.

High-tops are ideal for players who are required to be agile in any given game. For instance, if you make a lot of “stop and start” moves such as jumping or pivoting, a high-top shoe will serve you well. It is also best for players who don’t necessarily need to run such as casual players who play in small courts or half-court games.

Getting the right width and size

Getting the right width and size

Now knowing how to size your basketball shoes is the most important part of making any purchase. The problem is most men, probably including you, buy the same shoe size year after year without ever updating themselves with the latest measurement of their feet. You might well be surprised that your shoe size last year is now different today.

Factors that affect your feet that cause them to change size are weight gain, age, stress, and injuries. When you play basketball, whether occasionally or regularly, the repeated stress that comes when you do athletic activities has a significant impact on your feet.

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Get help from a sales associate

One of the fundamental things you can do to get the right size is to have a sales associate measure your feet the next time you shop for shoes in the mall. You can do this every six months or annually. You can use the same size whenever you shop online. You might also want to visit our page best basketball shoes for men once you have determined your size.

How To Select Basketball Shoes Size

Frequently Asked Questions

Should basketball shoes be a size bigger?

Any shoe should fit tight on your foot so that it can support and protect your ankle during running, jumping, and quick movements. If your foot is wider than average you might need to buy your shoes a half size larger to ensure a comfortable fit that does not allow pinching or binding. Try the shoe on, and lace it up properly, then walk around to determine the best size for you.

How do you want basketball shoes to fit?

You want basketball shoes to fit snug against your foot. When your foot is in the shoe your heel should not be able to move up and down. Your heel might move slightly from side to side but never up and down. If your foot is wider than average you may have to buy a shoe that is larger than what you normally wear to achieve the best fit.

Why are basketball shoes so stiff?

When playing basketball the player does a lot of running and jumping. One of the problems they face is the tendency for their ankles to roll and become mildly too severely injured. Basketball shoes are made from stiffer materials so they can support the ankle and prevent the rolling from happening.

Are basketball shoes meant to be tight?

Basketball shoes are meant to fit tightl7 but not to be uncomfortable. You should be able to wiggle your toes a little and your feet should not feel pinched while wearing basketball shoes. You want to make sure your heel cannot move up and down while you have the shoes on.

Do it yourself

A lot of people are so busy and have no time to visit the mall, so they tend to buy online because it’s faster. If you’re one of them, you can measure your feet at home. Grab a pen, piece of paper, and a ruler. Now sit down and wear your basketball socks and place your foot on the paper. Now start tracing your foot’s outline using your pen. Then measure the distance from the end of the longest toe to the back of heel. You can also subtract about 0.2 inches to neglect the pen’s width.

Now start measuring the width of your foot. Start by finding the widest point; you can usually see this at the ball of your foot below the “thumb.”

There you have it! Now you know how to size basketball shoes. The next time you shop online, look for their shoe size chart and just convert your measurement to match theirs.