Best Basketball Socks Reviewed – A Definitive Guide

Basketball is a physically intense exercise. As such, the players of the game are more likely to generate plenty of sweat. The intensity of the physical exercises also increases the rate of tear of the socks. This calls for specially designed socks that are tough and resilient to the common elements of wear and tear.

Being aware of this, we have researched, identified, and are going to review the best basketball socks as of the year 2020. We hope this will give you the guidance you desperately need to get started. Click here to learn more about the benefits of compression socks.

Our Top Picks

The Top 12 Best Basketball Socks Reviews of 2024

1. MadSportsStuff Basketball Logo Athletic Crew Socks

MadSportsStuff Basketball Logo Athletic Crew Socks

Featuring quality construction, this pair of socks is all you need in case you are intent on the hassle-free game. Its most prominent feature is the compression system. This feature fastens the socks tightly onto your legs. This way, it prevents the socks from falling off even when subjected to intense exercises.

It also mitigates blisters, possesses antimicrobials, is pretty light in weight, and offers added support to your ankles and arches. You stand to enjoy several other benefits as well. These include reduced fatigue, less odor, and the freedom to choose from several color options and combinations. What’s more? This air can fit feet of various sizes and shapes. By settling for this pair, you will gain much more than you actually pay for.

2. Basketball Sock by Chalk Talk SPORTS

Basketball Sock by Chalk Talk SPORTS

Do you care too much for your comfort while playing? Did I hear you answer yes? If indeed that is the case, I urge you to try out this pair. This is because the pair is designed with your utmost comfort in mind.

Generally speaking, the pair is very soft and extremely breathable. It is quite awesome in absorbing strong impacts, sweat, shocks, and vibrations. As the result of this, the pair leaves behind some extra comfort to your feet while playing.

Other than that, the pair has a very comfortable crew length. They cover the entire feet to ensure maximum enclosure. It is also very durable, machine-washable and dryable. This is not to mention that it is crafted with premium Polyester and Nylon materials.

3. Thorlos Thick Padded Basketball Over-Calf Sock

Thorlos Thick Padded Basketball Over-Calf Sock

Are you worried about blisters? This pair of best basketball socks is indeed yours for the taking. It does contain padding that is clinically-tested under the ball and the heel regions. This padding provides you maximum protection from friction which is chiefly responsible for blisters. It further secures your feet from strong impacts for maximum safety.

Your financial security is also not left behind. The pair does come along with a money-back guarantee which safeguards you from unnecessary financial losses. Its fabric makeup exudes higher resilience, maximum durability, and moisture wicking capabilities. In all, your feet shall be drier and more comfortable. You also will run, jog, twist, turn and stop without any hassles at all.

4. TCK Sports Elite Digital Camo Over The Calf Performance Socks

TCK Sports Elite Digital Camo Over The Calf Performance Socks

Are you searching for a pair of socks for competitive sporting tournaments? This indeed is the pair to think of. It is packed with a range of topnotch features that guarantee you the needed levels of performance under the most intense physicals conditions.

Among these are the moisture wicker, odor and blister controls, antimicrobial agents, ergonomic cushioning, and arch compression systems, among others. What’s more? The pair also possesses a breathable mesh that enhances the exchange of gases into and out of the fabric. This spares you from the likelihood of foul stench, athlete’s feet, and other disorders of the feet.

Its material composition is also awesome. It comprises 64% Polypropylene, 2% Lycra Spandex, 27% Nylon, and 7% elastic, materials, respectively.

5. Under Armour Cotton 2.0 Crew Socks


In case you have an oily skin, this indeed is the pairs of socks to contemplate acquiring. This is because the most outstanding feature of this pair is the Dri-FIT fabric. This fabric has the ability to wick sweat away from your body. It thus helps to keep your feet dry and comfortable. In all, the pair comprises 62% Polyester, 15% Cotton, 21% Nylon, and 2% Spandex.

Other prominent features and their benefits are the rib cuffs that ensure a snug fit, the Footstrike cushioning that adds comfort and unrivaled overall support. In all, you will be spared from unnecessary injuries and impacts while playing your favorite game of basketball. This is not to mention that you will also spend less on their maintenance and your overall healthcare.

6. Unisex Nike Everyday Max Cushion Crew Training Sock


Comprising 5% cotton by material composition, this pair of basketball socks is pretty easy to care for. This is due to the fact that it is machine-washable. You will not have to expend too much physical effort to keep it clean besides obtaining very amazing results indeed.

Its Dri-FIT fabric wicks absorb all the sweat away from your feet and legs. In turn, this helps in keeping your feet dry and comfortable at all times. You will hardly slip and fall off while negotiating physically intense maneuvers. To add to its list of elegant features is the Footstrike cushioning. This padding aligns with the pressure patterns of your feet. It, therefore, confers ultimate all-day comfort to your feet and prevents it from sustaining blisters.

7. Golden State Warriors NBA Drive Crew Kids Socks – Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors NBA Drive Crew Kids Socks - Stephen Curry

The game of basketball is universal. This simply means that it is intended for playing by just about every other person. For this reason, the socks must also be designed and made available to the various age groups. This particular pair is mean for those whose feet are size 13 (approximately 4-8 years old).

The material that makes up the pair of socks are 94% Polyester, 1% Spandex, and 5% Rubber. That aside, the pair has a built-in moisture management system which has fiber that wicks away your perspiration. It is also licensed officially by the NBA. This licensure is proof that your loved ones shall derive the greatest benefits and spend less on repair and maintenance. Moreover, the licensure also means they may be worn in competitive tournaments.

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8. ChalkTalkSPORTS Custom Team Number Crew Socks

ChalkTalkSPORTS Custom Team Number Crew Socks

The game of basketball may be played for fun or competitively. Competitive tournaments require professional, durable, and similar pairs of socks. This is the need that this particular air is intended to fulfill.

As stated, this pair is intended for team tournaments. You simply pick from a range of custom-made pairs. Alternatively, you may place orders and specify the finer details you may want the socks to possess.

Whether they are custom-made or ready-made, these socks all display similar elegant features and functionality. They look great, are super comfortable, great for athletics, and possess high-tech functionality, comfort, and styles. They are also strong, dry relatively faster and effective at sucking up sweat from your skin.

9. JOURNOW 10 Pairs Men’s Cotton Extra Heavy Cushion Low Cut Socks

JOURNOW 10 Pairs Men's Cotton Extra Heavy Cushion Low Cut Socks

Feet expand when they are subjected to intense exercises or higher temperatures. If and when they expand, they usually rub against the socks and develop blisters, injuries, and all kinds of pains. This can be very harmful especially if you have sensitive feet. That is why an expandable pair is by all means necessary.

By reason of possessing cushioned welt, the pair is indeed able to exude the said benefits. They generally guarantee a comfortable and secure fit at all times, regardless of the size or prevailing environmental conditions.

Its ventilation zones, on the other hand, keep the flow of air uninterrupted. This way, they let your feet stay dry and comfortable at all times. The pair also provides dynamic arch support which spares your feet from unnecessary pain while walking, running around, or jumping.

10. Hxst Dri-fit Cushion Basketball Crew Socks – 3 Pair Pack

Hxst Dri-fit Cushion Basketball Crew Socks - 3 Pair Pack

While practicing, you require simpler and lighter pair of socks. This is because your topmost priority is to learn the basics of the game not necessarily competition or scoring goals. This pair of socks is designed for use under such circumstances. They are light, simple, and very convenient to engage.

Each sock of the pair is designed to fit either the left or the right feet. This contributes towards better fit as it eliminates incoherence and incompatibilities that may impede the comfort. The pair also incorporates reinforced heel and toe regions. These are purposely put in place to enhance the durability.

The half-cushion terry foot provides extra impact protection to your feet. The Dri-FIT fabric further helps to keep your feet dry and comfortable at all times. So here is our basketball mouthguard review post to help you out.

11. Nike Men Elite Versatility Basketball Crew Socks

Nike Men Elite Versatility Basketball Crew Socks

To play basketball well and unhindered, you at times have to run around rigorously. To run around unhindered, a player has to be very flexible and agile. This requires a specially designed pair of socks that are light in weight and flexible.

Given that this pair comprises 58% Nylon, 9% Cotton, 29% Polyester, and 4% Spandex, it fits this bill particularly well. You will find them very convenient to engage and run around with. It also keeps the feet dry and comfortable, delivers unprecedented stability, protects against strong impacts, and is very durable.

This is due to the facts that are made of the strong Dri-FIT fabric, contains Dynamic arch support, has reinforced heel and toe, and is padded with strategic cushioning. It is a worthy purchase indeed!

12. HOFAM Compression Socks for Men and Women

HOFAM Compression Socks for Men and Women

Are you an all-around athlete or sportsman? If you said yes, you might want a pair of socks that are universal in scope and applicability. This is to mean that you may wear and use them in a wide variety of sporting tournaments. This, of course, is for the sake of convenience and value for money.

This pair of socks can be applied in several sporting tournaments and applications like basketball, maternity, running, hockey, biking, flight travel, and nursing, among others.

They feature the graduated compression system and are made of the highest quality materials possible. They will rarely fall off your legs while exercising and are able to withstand extreme pressure and physical impacts. They are also designed to protect your toes, heels, and arches from any possible injuries. They will, therefore, save you money but deliver the required output levels.

Basketball Socks Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Material Makeup

Which materials constitute the socks? The kind of material that the pair is made of determines how long the pair might last and the comfort you stand to enjoy. A good pair of socks has to be made of extremely tough and durable materials. This is to enable them to withstand the extreme physical exercises and agents of wear and tear.

Apart from that, the material also has to be breathable. You do not want your feet to sustain too much foul stench the risks of bacterial growth, do you? Some of the reliable materials you might want to look up to are Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, and Linen.

Socks Height


This is the measure of how long, in all, the pair of socks is. It is calibrated in centimeters or inches. The right choice of socks on the basis of this consideration has to be one that can cover your whole feet. This is to mean that the length of your feet is what determines the length of the socks you have to settle on.

See to it that you do not settle for the two extremes. A pair that is too short will leave certain portions of your legs uncovered while one that is too long may be too bulky to walk around in


Thickness is the depth of the material constituents of socks. The thickness of the socks determines how long on average the socks might last. It also determines how well the pair will resist friction and other agents of wear and tear.

In light of this consideration, you are better off with a thicker pair of socks than one which is thinner. This is because of several reasons. Thick socks will ensure that your legs are shielded from excess cold. Such socks are pretty good at resisting tears and friction. They will also absorb sweat much better than thinner socks ordinarily can.


Your worst nightmare during the basketball game is for the socks to collapse. You will lose your morale and waste some time to put it back up. In some instances, you may even be penalized. This is where the bands do come in handy.

The band is a thin and elastic strip of material which is found in the upper portion of the socks. This band lengthens or shortens when pulled or left to roll back in place. It fastens tightly on your legs to prevent the socks from falling off even under physically intense exercises. It is therefore imperative that your preferred pair contains it.

Compression System

Just like bands, the compression system is also important. The compression system is pretty much the same as the band. They only differ on the exact portion of the legs they impact. The bands, as stated, only impact or fasten on to the upper portions of the leg. The compression system, on the other hand, covers and fastens entirely around the leg region.

That aside, they both play the same roles i.e. they tighten the grip of the socks on your legs to prevent the socks from falling off unnecessarily. This enables you to jump, run around, walk, and jog without worrying at all.

Cushioning and Arch Support

Cushioning and Arch Support

As stated, the game of basketball is very intense. This means that your feet and legs are susceptible to friction, pain, and possibly injuries. To ward off these dangers, your pair of socks has to be as comfortable as can be. This can only happen if they are padded with cushions.

Such padding also absorbs shocks and prevents your feet from sustaining the associated injuries. It is of utmost importance that the padding is breathable. This is to facilitate the free exchange of air into and out of the feet. It also keeps off foul stench from arising and with it, any unnecessary discomforts.

Socks Length

Socks Length

Just like the height above it is also necessary that the pair of socks be of just the right length. The length is the horizontal dimensions of the pair of socks. It refers to the cover of the feet rather than the legs. Much the same way as the legs above, a good pair of socks has to cover the entire feet.Three different socke styles are:– Crew cut socks- Mid cut socks- Low cut socks

This is because the feet are particularly vulnerable to injuries, blisters, foul stench, and shocks. The pair has to cover the entire feet to shield it from these dangers that are mentioned. The pair should also not be too short or too lengthy as these extremes are uncomfortable.

Choosing Right Color

Though not so important, it is also necessary that socks be of the right color. This is especially significant in case the pair has to serve an aesthetic value. You do not want the pair to look too dull or too bring to an observer.

Apart from the need to serve aesthetic purposes, the pair of socks also has to match those of other players. This means that you have to factor in the team colors as you purchase the right pair. Generally speaking though, duller colors are better than brighter colors. They conceal dirt and are easier to clean.

Brand is Important

Not all brands are equal. Some indeed are more equal than others. This is to mean that some brands are more durable, much more reliable, offer higher returns for money, and last longer than others. In light of this, you just have to put into consideration the brands as you search for the right pair.

As of the year 2020, the following are the top brands Thorlo, Baseline, NBA Logoman, Adidas, and Nike. They have consistently proved to be reliable, and long-lasting. Moreover, most professional basketball players have preferred them to other brands. They are also endorsed by several teams and basketball coaches.

Breathability Option

As has already hinted out, breathability is key to selecting the best socks for basketball players. This is because, as stated, this trait guarantees the free exchange of gases into and out of the socks. In so doing, it prevents the development of foul stench, athlete’s feet, and other discomforts that generally arise from poor ventilation and gaseous exchange.

Look out for the kind of fabric that the socks are made of. Some of the most breathable fabrics are Polyester, Nylon, Linen, and Cotton. They are porous and hence do not impede the exchange of gases into and out of the pair of basketball socks.


In the course of playing basketball, plenty of sweat is generated. This is because of the intensity of the sport. Such sweat may be quite uncomfortable. This is because the sweat may dry and develop foul stench. They may also accumulate on the socks and render them too slippery to step and exercise on.

A good pair of socks should, therefore, possess sweat-wicking features. This feature basically sucks up moisture and sweat from the body and into the fabric. A pair of socks that possess such a feature is also absorbent. Because of this, the pair will not become too slippery as to impede your free movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a good pair of basketball socks go for?

Most socks of this kind are priced in tens of dollars i.e. $10-$99

How long does a good pair last, on average?

With proper maintenance and moderate usage, a good pair should last at least 1 year

To what other uses can these socks be devoted apart from basketball?

Any activity that is physically demanding. These include jogging, biking, running, and jumping

Are these socks a must or is it possible to do away with them?

NOT really! You will need them to play professional basketball tournaments. They are also great for several other physical exercises and are thus a ‘must have’.

Which are some of the top manufacturers of the basketball socks?

The Thorlo, Baseline, NBA Logoman, Adidas, and Nike are some of the top manufacturers. You might want to give them higher priority while searching for the right socks

Final Word

Now we do hope you have received the guidance you require to make a worthy purchase. Each of the best basketball socks we have reviewed above is indeed unique in its own kind. As such, you will find them quite handy and fruitful especially if it is compatible with your needs.

In case you delay making a purchase, you might end up paying more or settling for an inferior quality pair of socks. It is for this reason that we urge you to hasten your decision. Purchase one as soon as possible to avoid getting into the problem we have identified above.