Best Outdoor Basketball Courts In The World

Basketball is a sport that is played both indoor and outdoor. Due to the passion and love for the game there exists some incredible basketball courts in the world that fans need to know about. The basketball courts are not only ninety-four feet by fifty feet but they have something really unique that the usual basketball court lack.

People have made incredible courts in different parts of the world which has amazing designing, stunning architect and eye-catching hues combination. These courts will attract all of those as well who are not the fan of the game.

From an elegant court loaded with terrific hues combination to the Venice beach court to the floating court in the Cambodia there are some iconic, breathtaking and unrealistic outdoor courts that exist in the world.

Here we have the list of top 10 best outdoor basketball courts in The World. So, don’t miss it as all the courts are amazing and have something really unique.

1. Rucker Park Basketball Court, Harlem

Rucker Park Basketball Court, Harlem

Rucker Park is a basketball court in the Harlem, New York City. This basketball court is really special as a lot of professional basketball players have played here. Kyrie Irving, Kobe Bryant, Satch Sanders and Kevin Durant have also played here and perfected basketball skills.

So many people come to this court hoping to become a great basketball player. This is the go to place for all the newcomers and rookies who want to become the top basketball players. This court is special in many ways as it also hosts different kinds of tournaments as well to provide the players opportunities to improve their game. The court also raises the funds for the disadvantaged children.

2. Pigalle Outdoor Court, Paris

Pigalle Outdoor Court

The amazing basketball court in the Paris is literally something out of the box. There are not much basketball courts like the Pigalle basketball court in Paris. This outdoor court is loaded with some incredible hues combination of red, blue, yellow and white.

This basketball court was designed by the sports brand Nike, the Ill-Studio and of course the Pigalle. This basketball court is made to create a connection between arts, sports and culture. Pigalle is simply incredible, iconic and colorful. If you are tired of the traditional outdoor courts and want to see something new then this outdoor court is the place to be.

3. Venice Beach Courts

Venice Beach Courts

Outdoor basketball can offer you something really unique in many ways. Like the Venice Beach court in the Los Angeles California is a very exciting and amazing outdoor court to visit. From incredible sunshine to one of the most famous beaches of the west Coast, this Venice Beach court can offer you a unique experience.

This court is special in many ways as its only attraction is not it’s beauty but the competitive action packed games are the other major source of attraction. So, this outdoor court deserved to be on the list of best one.

4. Munich Basketball Court

Munich Basketball Court

Well, the outdoor basketball court in Munich, Germany is traditional yet elegant. The incredible 3D Basketball Court in Munich is worth the visit. This court is no doubt one of the best and unique court in the world. The court is eye soothing but you will have to be fully fit as it can put a strain to your ankles.

5. Toronto Canada Outdoor Basketball Court

Toronto Canada Outdoor Basketball Court

The David Crombie Court in the Toronto, Canada is another amazing outdoor basketball court. The backboards are loaded with jagged marble and stone and this court allows the people to improve their jumping skills with a terrific downtown skyline and that also includes the 1,815 foot-tall CN Tower.

6. The Incredible Outdoor Court of Croatia

The Incredible Outdoor Court of Croatia

Well, the when it comes to the basketball outdoor courts the list is incomplete without the City Wall Rooftop Court in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This incredible court once hit the list of the best designed basketball courts in the world. The architect and the design of the court is simply amazing and the court is on a rooftop which is really exciting too.

7. Styra Basketball Court in Athens

Well, Greece is famous for its historical places but it also has an incredible outdoor basketball court as well. The Styra basketball court located in Athens, Greece is really beautiful as the views it provides are amazing. You can see some incredible sites while shooting hoops. From Cliffside views to the Aegean Sea to the Turkish steam room, this basketball court offers a lot to the people.

8. The Floating Basketball Court of Cambodia

The Floating Basketball Court of Cambodia

Well, next in the list is the outdoor basketball court in Cambodia. From locals living on floating boats to children going to floating schools there is also a floating basketball court Cambodia.

9. San Pedro Outdoor Basketball Court

San Pedro Outdoor Basketball Court

California is beautiful so as the basketball courts in California. The San Pedro basketball court at the Angles Gate is very awesome as the views that it offers are amazing. The sight of the Pacific Ocean refreshes the soul and this basketball court is at a very unique place. Visiting this basketball court will be an experience of a lifetime.

10. Culver West Alexander Park Basketball Courts

The courts available have some great facilities as you can play in the night after the sunset easily as there are lighted courts for the players. There are a lot of courts in this area and if you want to play some quality game then this is the place for you.

Best Outdoor Basketball Courts In The World

FAQs About Outdoor Basketball Court

What is the best surface for an outdoor basketball court?

Concrete is considered to be the best surface for an basketball court in your yard. Concrete may cost more than many of the other surface options but it is going to outlast the majority of the other options. Generally these courts are made from 4” thick concrete that has steel bar reinforcement.

What is an outdoor basketball court made of?

Asphalt and concrete are the two main choices in outdoor basketball courts. Concrete cost more and it is going to last longer. There are new tiles like the ModuTile that offers you another option for creating an outdoor court. These new tiles are very recent and they are more expensive than the traditional concrete courts are.

Is concrete or asphalt better for a basketball court?

The concrete court is the best option. The concrete court is created by first making a level area, then placing steel bars or interlocking gravel pavers down, then the concrete is poured over these. The concrete is smoothed as it hardens to create a court that is long lasting and durable. Asphalt courts are softer and they do not have the durability of concrete.


So, these were the top courts that has rocked the basketball world with their elegant architecture, amazing views and unique court styles. Basketball has a huge fan following from all parts of the world and there magnificent courts everywhere but these were some of the best ones.

So, what do you think of these courts? Have your favorite one made it to the list or not? Let your friends know about these 10 best courts in basketball as well.