Spalding 88454G In-Ground Basketball System Review

The center of attraction of this hoop is the logo provided by NBA. Whether you are a good player or not playing with this basketball system will certainly give you the feeling of playing like professionally. Spalding NBA 88454G 54″ In-Ground Basketball System contains a backboard covers up with a steel frame.

The Backboard also has 2 offsets of 4 inches square pole. To make the adjustment system more flexible the hoop has U-lift feature. If you are looking for a professional level of basketball hoop then the Spalding In-ground basketball hoop will be the right choice.

Spalding 88454G In-Ground Basketball Syastem

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Spalding
  • Item Weight: 145 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 146 pounds
  • Model no: 88454G
  • Board Size: 54 Inches

Features at a Glance

  • Glass backboard with aluminum trim size 54″ x 32″
  • 1/4″ Tempered glass backboard
  • Height adjustment from 7.5′ to 10′
  • Pro-Image™ breakaway rim
  • Two Piece Square steel pole

Main Features: Reason Behind For Being Incredible

Professional looking basketball hoop is always incredible because to make a hoop look professional some features are required and they are;

54 inches backboard

For professional looking there is no alteration of glass backboard. This basketball hoop has taken this professional look to next level by using tempered glass as a backboard. the thickness of the glass is about 1/4 inches. To increase the bounce of the basketball this hoop will work like magic.

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Aluminium Trim Frame

The quality of the frame is as important as the backboard quality otherwise the backboard does not last for a long period. Considering this fact, the manufacturers put emphasis on the frame materials. Instead of using an ordinary frame they have used Aluminium Trim Frame (which is 54 inches into 32 inches in size) to cover up the whole backboard.

Breakway Rim

Mounting over the rim is a kind of recreational part of a basketball game. But with the enthusiasm, there is a huge risk of breaking down the rim which may hurt the player very badly too. To reduce the risk and keep the brand image secure the breakaway rim has been included.

Height Adjustability

Height Adjustability is the most important feature of overall the basketball hoop as it is related to the comfort of players. So, this hoop has the U-Turn lift system to ensure proper height adjustment. The adjustment is possible from 7’5 feet to 10 feet.

Two-piece pole

For the highest strong connectivity steel poles are incredible. In this basketball hoop, there are two pieces of the pole in the size of 4 inches (square). First one is for the connection between anchor system and the hoop. And the last one is for the internal connection.

What We Love

  • The professional look of the backboard
  • Long durability in all weather for the aluminum trim frame.
  • U-lift system makes the adjustment system flexible.
  • Easy installation process with steel poles
  • Heavy duty for having a recreational match.

What Would Make the Hoop Better

  • Take a long time to install the basketball hoop.
  • The thickness of the backboard is not fair enough.

Frequently asked questions: for more queries

Does the pad come along with the basketball hoop kit?

No, in case of your need, you have to buy them in extra.

Is it possible to install the basketball hoop by oneself?

Certainly, possible but if you want to save your time hiring a professional to install the basketball hoop perfectly would be good.

Is it moveable after installing in the ground?

No, after installation on the ground it’s hard to move.

Wrapping Up

The value of money can be made by buying a good product which will fulfill the expectation this basketball hoop is such kind of product which will provide you a good service for a lifetime. For being a good quality system durability is mainly matters.

Because safety comes with durability, not with features and this basketball hoop ensures a long period of durability. So, get this basketball hoop and enjoy the recreation of a basketball game for lifelong. Based of your interested we sugessted you to check lifetime 1084 review and lifetime 71281 in-ground hoop reviews.