How to Choose the Best Basketball Team Names

For any team the name is the most reflective thing, isn’t it? The team name not only introduces the team to the world but also it carries the identity of existence that proves, Who You Are Actually!

When it comes to the selection of a basketball team name then the importance of choosing a good name affixes higher to maintain the reputation of the history of the sport and also to annex the level of dignity to the tall players for sporting the most diligent game of the world.

A big question of an individual can be answer by the name only and the team members can express their power of being together through the team name. So, choosing a good name for a basketball team will embellish your team’s renown.

Choose the Cool and Good Basketball Team Name

The team name is alike to the mirror of the team to the world so it is very important to the best one which is certainly not an easy task. When I was in this phase of choosing a name for my basketball team I was in a fixed.

Though choosing a good name for the team is a tough thing I want to provide three easy steps which will decrease the dilemma of picking up the best name of your team.

Ways to the selection of a good Team name

Firstly, the involvement and peaceful corporation of the team members is very important. In this case, the best way I can suggest is having a brainstorming session.

Secondly, in the session, the message you want to express though out your basketball team name which is the main intention of having brainstorming session should be considered.

Lastly, make a short list of basketball team name by considering the factors which will personalize your team and of course the team member’s strength.

Basketball team name ideas: factors to consider

There are some factors which are usually considered as they carry or symbolize some certain meanings for the basketball team in front of the world.

Country or the state

Aren’t you grateful to your country? If your answer is yes then choosing a name after your country name or related to the theme with your country is a way to express, how much you are proud of your country! World’s best basketball team name is the state name.

Like, LOS ANGELES LAKERS by Los Angeles, PHILADELPHIA 76ers by Philadelphia, OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER by Oklahoma City, NEW YORK KNICKS by New York City, you may also take the pride of choosing a name after your own country.

Fighting Idiosyncrasy

A team should always carry combat Idiosyncrasy to show the world they are not less than any warriors. So, having a fighting Idiosyncrasy name will motivate the players in playing basketball in the court even out of the court.

If you see the NBA Basketball Team Names most of them are based on fighting spirit like The Golden State Warriors, The Houston Rockets, The San Antonio Spurs, The Sacramento Kings. So, you can go with the category of fighting Idiosyncrasy.


When I was in the college basketball team and there was a company despite holding the sponsorship of our team let us choose the name of the team and we give the name of our team after the sponsor company which indicated that we respect the value of the input of our sponsors.

If you want to have a good college basketball team name you can also do the same to create the value of your basketball team not only to the sponsors but also to the audience as you are carrying the weight of the sponsor’s name. For example, you can take the name in this way like The StubHubThe Flagstar Bank, The Rakuten according to your team sponsors.

Fantasy basketball team name generator

A fantasy basketball team name hardly expresses the team value or weight rather it symbolizes the culture and the tradition of that very state. Sometimes we select the team’s name after a respected person to show respect.

Basketball Team Names

In some matches, we keep the name of our team according to our favorite song’s title to get inspiration in the basketball court. That’s way to have a good fantasy name of a basketball team. For example, The Jingle All the Day (according to a hit Christmas movie)

Awareness: matters to think

After selecting and before finalizing your basketball team name there are some matters about which you should be aware of and they are as;

  • Does the name look attractive as a basketball team name?
  • Is the selected name sounds good?
  • For cheering is the name easy to pronounce?

If your answer is yes then you can undoubtedly fix the name of your basketball team.

Wrapping up

The name of a team does not get vanished after finishing the match. Playing a match is like adding a new chapter to the history of basketball which will be recalled according to the team name. So, choosing a good basketball team name is as important as having a good match.