Nike Kyrie 3 Performance Review

The Kyrie 3 was Nike’s third signature sneaker designed with Kyrie Irving. Kyrie is an American NBA star. He was drafted in the first round of the 2011 draft out of Duke, and has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, and plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

This shoe was released in 2016 when Kyrie was with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This shoe is stylish and functional for basketball players of any age.

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Nike Kyrie 3 Overview

The cushion in the Kyrie 3 features the Nike Zoom Air unit found only in the heel. This is responsive during a fast-paced game that requires a lot of stops and go as well as pivoting by the players. In addition, the forefoot has some Phylon foam injected into it to be lightweight while still providing impact protection.

Enhanced Traction

The traction of the Kyrie 3 enhances any player’s game. The say the traction is designed using the herringbone pattern allows for quick moves on the court in any direct. This allows the player to have quick cuts, and it is wrapped up and around the sidewall as well for increased traction to protect the player.


The fit of the Kyrie 3 is said to be a little narrow. It claims to fit true to sizes, but many wearers have said that it is narrow and they need to go up at least half a size.


The lacing of this shoe was inspired by the strap of the Kyrie 2. It also uses the Flywire technology to hold the foot securely in place and give the player comfort while also providing adequate support for explosive efficiency.

Upper Mesh

The Kyrie 3 is made of durable upper mesh to increase stability while also providing great breathability the keep the players comfortable and cool. It also has a new TPU skin designed with spikes to represent how Kyrie sees the court. Besides Nike Kyrie 3 check our Nike Kyrie 5 Review.


The style of this shoe also took a personal turn for Kyrie Irving. It is inspired by elements of Kyrie that represent his family-first ideals. It has hidden references to both his late mother, Elizabeth, and his young daughter Azurie. Their names are etched into the frame around the Nike Zoom Air unit in the heel as a tribute to his family.

Ample Color Options

This new edition of Kyrie’s shoe line comes in over 30 different colorways including: Black/Black-Varsity Maize-White; Black, Game Royal ‘Duke’; Boston Celtics PE; ‘Cream’ PE; Cool Grey/Anthracite-polarized Blue; ‘Luck’; ‘Marble’; ‘School Bus’; Navy Blue Yellow PE; Team Red/Hot Punch-White ‘Warning’; ‘BHM’ celebrating black history month; ‘EYBL’ representing the Elite Youth Basketball League; ‘Mom’ edition with rose embroidery and Mom embroidered on the tongue; and many more colorways and styles to fit your every need.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Superior Grip

The traction in this shoe was reviewed by many to be a big plus for basketball players. The extra grip on the shoe allows them to feel the court and not slip. This is good for players in a fast paced game who have to cut and pivot on a dime.

Padded Ankle Collar Provides Comfort and Support

Many users loved the ankle support that this shoe provides. The high top design and padded ankle collar provide both comfort and support for users that protects the ankle in a game that is known for frequent ankle injuries.

Some players reported feeling more secure in these shoes because of this support, but also noted that when the shoe is laced up all the way to the top, some extra pressure was put on their Achilles tendon, so the key is to find the perfect balance for your desired ankle support.

Good Fit for Players with Narrow Feet

Some users report that the Kyrie 3 has a good fit and is true to size. More users reported that it ran way too small, but for those players with narrow feet, this fits perfectly for them.

Ideal for Point Guards

This new shoe by Kyrie Irving was designed by a point guard, for a point guard. Many players feel this shoe is perfect for guards because of the ability to cut sharply. The herringbone outsole design allows for great grip on the court while providing the perfect place for your foot to pivot in the forefoot.

Maximum Court Feel

If court feel is important to you, then these shoes are perfect for you. The Kyrie 3 has decent minimal cushion which allows for maximum court feel. This is great for those guards who need the ability to cut quickly and pivot on a dime, but want a little extra support and a bounce in their step.

Comfortable for All-Day Use

Many users reported that these shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day. They don’t need to just be reserved for your time on the court, but they can be put on in the morning, your kids can wear them around school, you can wear them around work, and look great be comfortable the whole day.

Durable for Indoor and Outdoor Courts

Lots of players reported the Kyrie 3 to be durable. It does not have to be reserved for only inside courts like many of today’s basketball shoes. It is made of strong enough material that can hold up to all day use, as well as outside courts. This means you can be comfortable and look stylish in any street pick-up game since it doesn’t have to be reserved for only those indoor courts.

Good Ventilation

The great ventilation in this shoe is one thing people love the most about it. The durable mesh upper part of the shoe allows for great support and comfort while also being very breathable so your feet never overheat. This is important in a fast paced game when you don’t want to stop because you are overheating.

Minimal Cushioning

While some people like the great court feel these shoes provide, others dislike how it lacks any support and, or cushioning. The very minimal Nike Zoom Air unit is only in the shoe’s heel and does not provide a lot of cushion or bounce. Also, the Phylon foam is very thin and does not provide a lot of cushion. For players who want more cushion than court feel, this is not a good fit for them.

Fit Can Be Too Narrow For Some

Lots of players who purchased this shoe were disappointed with how narrow this shoe is. To wear it, they had to order either a half a size, or a full size larger than their normal shoe size. Some reported that the narrowness of the shoe also led to foot cramping which can be very detrimental to your game.

Some Reported Premature Wear

Some purchasers of this shoe were very disappointed with the quality of the shoe. Some reported the shoe ripping after only a month of use. Unfortunately, the shoe ripped after the return window which prevented them from being able to get a refund or a new pair of shoes.


  • Great traction
  • Ideal for those with narrow feet
  • Comfortable


  • Not a whole lot of cushioning

The Good

  • Amazing traction, great for quick cuts.
  • Superior ankle protection helps prevent injuries.
  • Fits well for players with narrow feet.
  • Designed by a point guard, for a point guard.
  • Great court feel.
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day.
  • These shoes are very breathable.

Things to Consider:

  • Minimal cushioning.
  • Many have reported that this shoe is narrow, and they had to get either half a size or a full size larger shoe.
  • Some reported the shoe ripping after only a month of use.