Spalding NBA Replica Basketball Review

Looking for a professional indoor basketball for your games? Well, your options are somewhat limited. You cannot afford to look elsewhere with this one right at your doorstep. In all, the ball is designed to make your work simpler, faster, and easier.

This is given its ordinarily tough composure and composite cover material construction. By virtue of this construction, the ball yields consistent bounces which makes your sporting venture quite enjoyable. Then, it also grips tightly to your hands to let you practice unwaveringly.

Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball

Features at a Glance

  • Official NBA size and weight
  • Size 7 and 29.5 inches
  • Performance composite cover
  • Inflated and game ready
  • Indoor and outdoor plays

Main Features of Spalding NBA Replica Game Ball

Consistent Bounces

As noted above, this ball has the potential to give off consistent bounces. The reason underlying this capability is the excellent material that adorns its exterior. When the material gets into contact with the surface, it excites the surface.

In the course of doing so, it minimizes the possible loss of energy which lets the ball rebound severally before finally settling down. You will find this ball pretty awesome for undertaking those crossover maneuvers. It potentially handles those issues with utmost responses.

Deep Channel Design

Next comes the deep channel design. This design basically comes in the form of some deep grooves which are incised and adorn the entire length and breadth of the ball altogether. Several advantages accrue as a result of this arrangement.

First, you gain superior control over the balls. This simply means that you get to master the movements, directions, and intensities of the ball altogether. Then, the ball also manages to give off more accurate shorts than you would have experienced ordinarily.

Durable Performance Composite Cover

Adorning the entire exterior of the ball is some durable performance composite cover. Being durable, this cover slows down the pace of deterioration of the ball. That is because it is more resistant to those elements which are ordinarily to blame for wear and tear.

On account of this, you get to enjoy periods of uninterrupted use and applications. Also, your repair and maintenance costs are driven down considerably. Lastly, of course, comes the benefit of added peace of mind. You will not have to constantly worry and panic.

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Tacky Feel

Other than being tough and highly resistant, the exterior surface of the ball is also tacky to the feel. It comprises some rough and prickly texture which makes this feel realizable. Over and above being awesome to feel, this arrangement also confers some tight grip to your hands.

It hence expedites the back passes and the twisting layup motions you have to implement as you play your game. This leads to more fruitful practicing and plays as you move along.

Maximum Controls

All the factors above combine to make you master some maximum controls on the ball. Hardly will you fidget, fall off, or lose balance as you go about the business of playing your favorite game of basketball.

With increased controls also comes the rare benefit of being able to play for a prolonged duration of time without ever getting tired. Why would you even want to look elsewhere, seeing that this ball has you completely taken care of?

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What We Like

  • Highly replicates the real basketball ball
  • Comes ready for use and plays
  • Manufactured by the reputable Spalding brand
  • Nice to touch and feel 
  • Emits good sounds in the course of the use

What We Don’t Like

  • Takes up excessive storage and mounting spaces
  • Costs a lot of money to acquire
  • If it sustains a puncture, sealing might be problematic


Is Spalding a good basketball brand?

YES, it is! As a matter of fact, it is one of the best brands you will find on the market today. It lays claim to this stake by virtue of having been in existence for a very long period of time and using the strongest materials imaginable.

What brand basketball does the NBA use?

The National Basketball Association recognizes the Spalding as one of the official brands of balls. This has been ongoing since 1993 to date. The reasons underlying this, as has already been stated, are the strong material cover, tough construction, and the extremely tough grip which it accords your own hands.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right ball for your basketball tournament is indeed the first step towards the enjoyment of the game thereafter. If yours is the need to do well in the indoor and outdoor environments at a time, we ask that you waste not your time.

Instead, choose this Spalding NBA replica basketball for a start. It is intended to, and will indeed usher you into the whole world of professional basketball tournaments with relative ease. When do you plan to set out? Kindly let us hear from you!