Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball Review

Looking for a basketball strictly for indoor use? Well, you have this one for your topmost consideration. That is because it is exclusively intended for use in the indoor environment by virtue of its construction and stature. Chief among these is the soft outer skin.

Moreover, this ball is also approved for use by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). You will, therefore, find it also handy for tackling those professional tournaments and competitions particularly among the high school students.

Features at a Glance

  • Signature feel
  • List Cushion core carcass
  • Composite laid-in channels
  • Consistent texture and grip
  • Ultimate controls

Outstanding Features and Benefits of Wilson Evolution Basketball

Eva Microfiber Composite

As you engage this ball, you will find it to deliver awesome grip to your hands. This stems from its Eva microfiber composite material construction. The material contains some dots and prickles which let you hold the ball firmly in your hand without the possibility of it slipping off.

Generally, also, the material outlasts many other competing alternatives. With this awesome arrangement, you may count on it to bring down your maintenance and management costs. You will also enjoy a prolonged and reliable incidences of use.You may also check Wilson NCAA Replica basketball reviews

Laid-in Composite Channels

Indeed, many people are predisposed to the risks of loss of balance as they play. You will not be part of this statistic if you choose to work with this ball. That is because it is designed to counter this very threat.

The laid-on composite channels exist to do just that. They adorn the entire exterior of the ball and play the role of enhancing your own grip of the same. These channels also provide you some unparalleled controls and handling of the ball at all times of use.

Cushion Core Carcass

Engulfing the Eva composite materials mentioned above is some cushion core carcass. As the designation implies this carcass makes your hands feel softer and smoother. In the course of doing that, it spares your hands from blisters and friction.

Yet again, it also makes you grip touch and grip around the rim with ease. Chances of the ball twitching your fingers are hence suppressed to the absolute minimum. You only have your own sense of security to thank for.

Accredited and Approved

We started out by stating that this basketball is accredited by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). That is because it certifies the terms and conditions set forth for such accreditation. Expect lots of benefits to accrue from this arrangement.

At the top is uncompromised performance whenever the ball is engaged. Then comes the more accurate shots which are evidenced by limited failure rates. The ball is hence a good state for venturing out into professional basketball.

Moisture-wicking Composite Cover

When playing your favorite game of basketball in sultry conditions, it is not uncommon for your ball to become soggy. This, of course, has the undesirable end result of making the ball to slip off from your hands and possibly get lost.

The manufacturer of this ball has taken deliberate steps to counter this ghastly side effect. To do this, the manufacturer has utilized the moisture-wicking composite cover to overlay the exterior thereof. Courtesy of this cover, you may count on the ball not to let you down.

What We Like

  • Yields much success when deployed for use
  • Meets and exceed the prevailing standards
  • Excellent moisture-absorption capability
  • Delivers unequaled performances when engaged by school children 
  • Offers good traction which is good for handling

What We Don’t Like

  • Strictly for indoor use
  • Has a rather shorter lifespan
  • May not take on harsh impacts for too long


Is the Wilson Evolution ball good?

The Wilson Evolution is undoubtedly the brand to look up to. It delivers great plays, lasts longer than most others, and is nevertheless quite affordable. Moreover, it also exceeds the many standards that govern such kinds of balls.

What are Wilson basketballs made of?

Several topnotch pieces of materials are used to make these balls up. Examples of these are the butyl bladders, composite leather, and other non-slip materials. These combine to make the ball easier to control and handle. They also deliver top-notch experiences.

Final Word

As you may see from the foregoing discussions, this Wilson Evolution Basketball is a good one for a high school student or someone who is barely getting started out in this sporting activity. The combination of factors spelled out above work hand in hand to ensure this.

This being the case, we advise that you drag not your feet. Move with haste to acquire and incorporate it into your basketball regime soonest possible. You will really have yourself to thank for doing so. We wish you the very best as you contemplate taking the first crucial step. To get more basketball reviews scroll up this blog.