What Basketball Shoes Should i Get in 2024 ?

Have you ever caught yourself asking the question, “What basketball shoes should i get?” Knowing the fundamentals of basketball is an important milestone in achieving greatness in this field, and one of the basic knowledge is determining how to buy the right shoe. True enough, you could not expect to perform well when your shoes aren’t good in the first place.

Good thing you visited this page! This article will be your guide. Before anything, know that the “right” shoes are not always the same as the “latest-in-fashion” shoes that are endorsed by top NBA players. It’s doesn’t work that way. Actually, there are a lot of factors involved that helps you filter out options and come up with the right pair for your specific preference. Well, here are the things that you need to know about getting your basketball shoes. You might want to make this as your checklist the next time you go shopping.

Regardless if you are looking for the basketball shoes the factors to consider and qualities to look for are just the same. If you want to find the right shoes for your needs, here are some of the information that you need to keep in mind:

Things to be Concerned Before Choosing a Basketball Shoes

1. Your Playing Style

Before we get started on enumerating the characteristics of a great basketball shoe, you first need to identify your playing style.

Are you a power player? If yes, you need shoes that offer maximum stability and cushioning. To get these features, you may need a heavier shoe.

Are you a fast player? If so, you would need shoes that will provide you with adequate cushioning, support, and flexibility. For these purposes, you need a lightweight shoe with a low cut.

Are you an all-around player? If you are, you would need cushioning and proper ankle support. With that in mind, the basketball shoes for you are those that are lightweight and have moderate ankle support.

2. Upper Shoe Construction

Upper Shoe Construction

When it comes to the construction of the upper portion of the shoe, there are three things that you need to think about. These are as follows:

Shoe cut

Under this category, you can choose from three choices— high, medium, and low cut.

High-cut shoes deliver maximum ankle support and are recommended for all-around and power players. Medium-cut shoes provide adequate support while allowing the player to move around easily and speedily. That is why a fast player will benefit from this cut. Lastly, low-tops are recommended for regular plays as these do not offer ankle support the way other shoes do.


These days, using leather in creating the upper portion of the shoe is already an outdated practice. Instead, manufacturers have replaced them with lightweight, breathable, flexible, and durable fabrics.

Closure systems

Under this category, you have three common options—Laces, straps, and Velcro. Among these three, laces are the best option as these offer greater stability and secure the feet in place.

Closure systems

3. Midsole Construction

When we talk about the midsole, we are referring to the material in between the upper and the outsole. This part is designed to absorb the shock, cushion the feet and reduce the impact on our knees and feet. It can also play a significant role in motion control and stability.

If you want a lightweight pair of shoe, go for one with compressed EVA material. However, please be reminded that it does not offer high levels of stability. If you are okay with wearing a heavier shoe, go for polyurethane which is more stable and durable.

4. Outsole Construction

The term, outsole, refers to the rubber bottom of the basketball shoe. For this part, these two things you will need are stability and traction. To ensure this, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • For a stable base and to prevent ankle rollover, the outsole must be flat and a bit wide.
  • For outdoor play, go for a more durable and heavier rubber outsole

To get enough traction, choose an outsole with a herringbone pattern.

5. Getting Fitted

How the shoes fit you is also important. To ensure proper fit, here are two important things to consider:

Toe Box

The toe box of your shoes must be wide. If the toe box is shallow, you may develop callouses, blisters, bruised and ingrown toenails. All these can cause discomfort and can negatively affect your performance.

When fitting shoes, make sure that your toes are not rubbing the tops of your shoes.

Thumb Space Clearance

Aside from the toe box, you also have to make sure that the tip of your thumb is not rubbing the upper portion of your shoe.

To ensure that you are giving the thumb of your foot the space that it needs, there must be a half inch space in between your toes and the tops of the shoe when you are standing up.

Other signs that the shoe fits your feet perfectly are as follows:

  • A bit wider and bigger than your feet but has a snug fit.
  • No pain, discomfort or irritation.
  • Delivers even tension to the midfoot and over the arches of your feet.
  • Flexible for dynamic movements

Getting fitted once is not enough though. Just because you wear a 10 in Reebok doesn’t mean you are also a 10 in Under Armour.

6. PlanYour Budget

Often times, the right basketball shoes out there are not associated with a high-end price. With this in mind, you can confidently set your budget without having to worry that you’ll possibly get a low-performing one; there will always be shoes that can satisfy your needs at a specific price range.

Generally, basketball shoes range from as low over. The last thing you want would be to fall in love with a shoe then blow up your credit card bill because of too much-wasted bucks. Also, buying really cheap ones can also put your performance at jeopardy.The point here is to stay in the middle zone. After all, you are paying for what you’ll have. It’s good to find shoes that are averagely priced rather than sticking at the extremes. Also, some studies show that middle-range shoes have little-to-no difference with their expensive counterpart from the same brand. For instance, it would be wiser to go for the less expensive one especially when considering they came from the same brand.

7. Do Not Shop Based On Brands

It doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest fan of Adidas; you should be open enough to let yourself try other brands. Doing otherwise is like reading a book, reading only one chapter, and ignores the rest of the pages. You never know what the other brands have to offer; you might be surprised the perfect fit for you is right at the next store.

I’m not saying that you should risk your game by putting on some cheap shoes. The point is committing to try several brands before finally choosing your new basketball shoes. There’s a big chance the right fit will be coming from a store you’ve never visited before. For more in-depth views on different brands.

8. Wear Your Own Socks

If possible, wear your own basketball socks when trying out new shoes. Socks in the stores could be either too thin or either too thick so it would be good if you bring your own. By doing that, you can make sure the shoes you’re going to buy will fit perfectly. However, you can’t do this when shopping online. Don’t worry though: it’s not much of a big deal.

Fit Or Shop Late In The Day

A follow up to what is stated above; fit your feet when it’s late in the day. This is because your feet swell as the day wears on so your feet are going to be at their largest state. By that, you can measure your feet to determine your real size, consequently buying the right type of shoe especially online.

Here are some tips to try when fitting basketball shoes:

  • To ensure comfort, try jumping, stretching, running, and standing on your toes while wearing the shoes.
  • When shopping and fitting for shoes, bring the thickest possible socks that you intend to wear during the game so you can accurately size your shoes.
  • Shop for shoes in the afternoon (when your feet are already swollen from all the walking that you did all day) to make sure that the pair you will buy is comfortable enough to accommodate the largest possible size of your feet.
  • If you plan to wear any orthotics/insoles, place them inside the shoe that you are fitting so you will have an idea on how it will feel like.
  • Fit different shoe sizes to determine which is most comfortable for you.
What Basketball Shoes Should i Get

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when buying basketball shoes?

The soles of the shoes should be flat with a wide outsole. The flat shoes with the wide outsoles provide a greater amount of balance for the player. You also want high tops that will support your ankles. The material of the shoe should be relatively stiff to provide added support.

Do basketball shoes help you jump higher?

Basketball shoes that fit properly can add as much as six inches to your jump height when compared to jumping in bare feet. The basketball shoes add confidence to the player and that confidence allows you to jump higher.

Are high top shoes better for basketball?

You would think that high tops are better for supporting the ankles. Recent studies have shown that there are no more ankle turns associated with low top shoes than with high top shoes. There is some research that indicates wearing high tops may increase the chances for an ankle sprain because they may slow the reaction to an ankle turn.

What basketball shoes should you get in? There is no specific answer to this. Which is the best shoes for your is subjective it may vary from one player to another.

So instead of asking expert recommendations, it would be best if you will take into consideration the factors mentioned first so you can find the best basketball shoes suitable for your playing style and personal needs.

The next time you ask yourself,  just remember the tips above and you’re good to go!