Silverback SB54 and SB60 In-Ground Basketball System Reviews

Silverback SB54 and SB60 in ground basketball system comes with the option of being portable means double advantage in single hoop. With its bolts and anchor mounting mechanism the whole system can be moved any where. With this features you may protect your basketball system by shifting it in a secure environment in case of need. Its tempered glass backboard gives a professional looking. The orange colour fancy rim attracts the audience from the gallery. So, if you are looking for a rim with all least features this one should be first priority.

Silverback SB54 and SB60 In Ground Basketball System

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Silverback
  • Item Weight: 203 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 204 pounds
  • Price: High end (over $500)
  • Size: 54 and 60 inches

Features at a Glance

  • Tempered glass reinforced backboard come ith two size 54 and 60 inches
  • Pro-style orange color breakaway rim
  • Powder-coated steel pole
  • Height adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet
  • Backboard pad included
  • Concrete anchor system

Main Features: For Being The Great Choice

Great choice comes with great features. This basketball system has introduced most updated mechanisms and they are:


For any basketball hoop backboard needs to be very strong. With this hoop you are going to have the toughest backboard as it comes in tempered glass. And the glass is covered by the backboard frame including the pad to keep the glass fixed in its place. Being in the size of 54 and 60 inches this backboard is stable enough to face any kind of tough matches. You may also check Goalrilla FT Series hoops reviews.

Gymnasium style goal

A gymnasium style goal certainly can ensure a competitive match. This basketball hoop have introduced premier basketball goal which is very rear in the world of basketball systems. This goal have especial facilities which have made it as gymnasium style.

Flexiable Rim

For this hoop most updated feature is flexible rim. This basketball hoop has a breakaway rim with pro-style looking. And when the players will hang over the rim a pressure will be created on the rim. And under pressure the rim flexes and this is one of the best part of this super rim.

Steel Pole

Steel’s another name is strength when pole comes in steel materials nothing can be more secure than this. To take the safety level one step ahead this pole sections have brought powder coated steel.

Height Adjustability

With the help of steel actuator the height can be adjusted from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. This mechanism provides safety of by tightening the pole sections of properly. Based on your interest also check our Ryval C660 in-ground hoops review.

Anchor System

Anchor System is a kind of process by which the whole basketball hoop get installed with the concrete. Including anchor system in this hoop you will also have anchor mounting which will make the stability long. Including all these facilities this basketball system also offers the advantage of portable. So, you can play with your favourite system whenever you want.

Service Time

After having all the features if you face any problem with the system you have the option to return the basketball hoop. But this offer will be valid only for limited years. After this limited years all responsibility of the hoop will be only yours.

What We Love

  • For height adjustment actuator is used
  • It gives the advantage of portability
  • Anchor System with mounting facilities
  • This hoop contains fancy rim with pro style looking
  • Steel pole with powder coating
  • Tightest joints of pole sections
  • Backboard pad for extra safety

What Would Make the Hoop Better

  • This basketball system does not not have rust protection materials
  • For more security the backboard should be more thick

Frequently asked questions: for more queries

What are the elements of installation come along with the basketball hoop

All the elements of installation like the anchor for the base, anchor plate, rebar, j bolts and nuts (to unbolt in need) will come along.

Is the warranty offer also available for the backboard pad?

Certainly, in the warranty offer the whole system is included (only for limited time).

Wrapping Up

In this hoop all the features updated features have been introduced. And for players comfort as well as regarding the safety of the basketball hoop portable facilities have been attached. So, you can enjoy the match in your comfort zone whenever you prefer.

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